7 Ways to Afford Work-from-Home Training When Money is Tight

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Investments help your business grow.

Do you believe the old saying that you have to spend money to make money?

I kind of do, and I kind of don’t.

You can absolutely bootstrap your business, clawing your way to work-from-home success, Google search by Google search, piecing your business together a little a time.

But, no doubt, that is the harder way to build a business and doing it that way will take you longer.

On the other hand, spending money in a strategic way can really propel your business, (and your bank account), by leaps and bounds in a much shorter time frame.

The right work-from-home training is one example of money well-spent. Having a blueprint from people who have achieved the success you‘re after can save a lot of blood, sweat, and tears as you grow your business.

The “Catch 22”

Maybe you're the exception, but that leaves most of us in an unwelcome “Catch 22″: that disappointing spot where we're dying to buy a work-from-home course we know is needed to achieve our goals, but it has a price tag that feels like a luxury, even if it isn't.

Sound familiar?

We're interested in working from home because we need more money, not because we have it lying around to spend.

  • Some of us are living month-to-month and want to be free from the end-of-the-month, “How am I going to make it to payday?” fear.

  • Some of us are stashing every penny in a savings account so we can afford to stay at home with our babies.

  • Some of us are trying to throw every extra penny at debt.

Personally, I was hanging on to money so tightly, sending every extra penny to pay off debt so one day I could travel to Nashville, meet Dave Ramsey, and do my debt-free scream. Spending money on an online course felt like the opposite of achieving that goal.

And so I thought about purchasing the course I wanted, then thought about it some more. For what felt like an eternity.

In the end, I found a way to buy the course.

And it changed my life.

Not because I’m making a million dollars, but because I learned valuable skills that have increased my income, whether I choose to work from home, or in a job. I’m so glad I took the leap and bought the course, because:

  • It gave me options.
  • I love my clients.
  • I've made the money back many times over.
  • I never would have gotten my business off the ground without it.
  • I’ve met incredible people, and it's been an incredible journey of personal growth.

Taking action to afford work-from-home training

Work-from-home training
Work-from-home success often takes a big leap.

Is a certain course calling your name like 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success was calling mine? Have you heard from other people that the course is worthwhile?

Do you know the course has the power to change your life, but you’re still hesitating because you don’t have the money (or you do, but you can’t bring yourself to spend it?)

For a minute, set aside the fear and make a plan. If you start today, you‘re one step closer to achieving your work-from-home goals.

Here are seven ways you can take action and get the course you want:

1. Request the course as a gift

You know of an online training course you're just dying to take, but as a stay-at-home mom, money is tight. Totally been there! That's why we put together these seven actionable tips to help earn money and budget for the work-from-home training you need so you can start generating income while raising your young family! #personalfinance #moneymanagement #workfromhome #entrepreneur #budgeting

This is what I did. Sort of. My husband was asking me what I wanted for Christmas. As usual, my answer was I don’t want anything (because all the money was supposed to pay down debt, of course).

Then I realized, I DO want something. I wanted the course. I really, really wanted it. 

Is your birthday coming up? Christmas? Mother's Day?

Allow yourself to be treated to the course you want.

2. Adjust your mindset

Do you really not have the money for the course, or are you using that as an excuse because you're afraid? You would be surprised how often we sabotage ourselves because of fear.

I had the go-ahead to buy the course for my own Christmas gift but still hesitated. How to become a freelance writer was right in front of me. But I was afraid.

What if it wasn’t worth the money? What if I didn’t have what it takes?

Sometimes all it takes is recognizing our faulty thoughts and thinking them through. Technically, we had the money to buy the course. I was telling myself we didn't because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make the money back as a writer.

I realized the desire for the course and a writing career was stronger than the fear, so I finally accepted the gift and took my chances.

3. Adjust your budget

If you do a monthly budget, add a line item to start saving for the course you want. To find the money for it, decrease another category.

You could:

  • Buy a lower cable package
  • Stop eating out for a couple of months.
  • Skip the $4.00 coffee and make it at home

If you don't have a budget, start one. Tracking where the money goes and making adjustments will go a long way toward affording your course.

4. Sell something

Almost all of us have extra clutter laying around that we don‘t need anymore. It’s not valuable to us, but it is to someone else out there. Take a look around your home and you’ll start to see some things you can sell for cash.

What do you have in the garage you haven’t used in years? In the basement? Your bedroom closet?

Check out this article for ways to sell your stuff.

5. An extra job

Affording work-from-home training
Waitressing is one option for a temporary job.

If you have kids at home, babysitting is a great option for some extra money. Other options are yard work, cleaning homes, waitressing, or delivering pizzas.

Seasonal jobs at a garden center in the spring or at a department store during the holidays can also be great temporary options to earn money for the course you want.

6. Buy a less expensive course or one with a payment plan

Some courses that enable you to start working from home don’t cost all that much in perspective to what you‘re getting for them. This course is currently under $200:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Other courses have payment “levels,” where you can purchase and complete one level of the course at a time, then upgrade.

Other courses have full-year payment plans, but you get access to all course resources upfront. Bookkeeper Launch is one example.

If you explore payment options, you may find that the course you want is within your reach after all.

7. Pounce on the next course sale

Memorial Day, Black Friday, and the New Year are all great times to get deals on work-from-home training. If you sign up for course freebies, you'll be on the mailing list and you’ll be the first to hear about upcoming sales. Occasionally there are flash sales that aren’t advertised anywhere else.

If you want to increase your income while working from home, developing valuable skills is your best bet; investing in the training to learn those skills is a smart move. I chose 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success, followed by Become a Pinterest VA Today!

Both courses proved to be worth the investment, but there are many other work-from-home courses out there.

Check out the options for work-from-home training, make a plan, and take a chance on the course you want 🙂

I love talking about ways to save money and online business. Do you have any experiences? Ideas? Join in below with your comments or questions.

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