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If you do a Google search for ‘basic online marketing tools' you will get millions of results. But which ones do you really need?

How many basic online marketing tools?
How many basic online marketing tools?

First of all it depends on what type of online marketing you are planning to do. Are you planning to do affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, PPC, social media marketing or some other method of online marketing? Obviously there are some tools which may be common to more than one method of marketing, but each method will have its own requirements.

So…. think really basically. To start marketing any product, irrespective of which marketing method you are planning to use, people need to be able to see you – to know you exist.

You need a platform that enables people to be able to find out about you and how you can help them. You also need a way for them to be able to communicate with you. What platform allows you to do all this? A website!

A website is your home base and as far as I am concerned it is the most basic tool for anyone who wants to succeed online.

So How Can You Get This Most Basic Tool – Your Own Website?

There are two ways – you can either hire someone to design a website for you or you can design one yourself. Both ways have their pros and cons – it depends both on your resources and what you want.

If you are totally immersed in building or running your business, then developing your own website may not be an option. For some people having someone else design it is just the most practical way to get started. There are many companies that design websites for a fee. Buildrr, Old City Interactive and The Creative Momentum are a few.

When you build your own website you are completely in control – you know it in and out, you can make your own changes whenever you need to and for some people it is an enjoyable learning experience.

Building websites has become much easier in the last few years. There are many more tools available and you no longer have to know programming in order to build a site.

Most website builders incorporate design tools and content management systems in such a way that you just have to click or drag and drop to make your choices and achieve the look that you want.

To build a website, you need:

  • a domain name (it's like your address)
  • some sort of software platform like WordPress to compile and arrange all your content
  • a company who will ‘host' your site i.e. give you a place on the web to store your website files.

There are plenty of website builders now that give you the tools to do all this and more.

Would You Like to Build A Website For Free Right Now?

You can! It just requires a few steps. Within a few minutes you can have a fully functional website up and running. Of course you then need to develop the content for it, but it will be YOUR OWN functional website ready to develop.

This particular website builder is part of an Open Education Project, Wealthy Affiliate. So if you decide to build a free website here (you can actually have 2 free websites), you will have access to all the help available there in the form of a Getting Started Course, chats, discussions, etc. If you are interested, here are four simple steps:

1. Enter a name for your free website in the box above. (This is actually your domain name.) If the name you choose is not available or uses characters that are not allowed, you will see a message and then you can choose another name.

2. Next click on “Build it now” and you will see the following screen:

SiteRubix Introduction Page

3. When you click on “Build My Website”, you will be prompted to sign up (still for free) by providing your name, e-mail address and choosing a password and username.

4. When you click on “Create Account & Continue”, just follow the steps laid out on the page that comes up and within minutes, you will have your own functional website.

WordPress is already installed and Wealthy Affiliate hosts the site, so you are all set to go!

Building Your Website in 30 Seconds
Click on this image if you would like to watch the video

If you would like to watch a short video of the steps involved in creating your website, click on the image above or watch it here.

If you later choose to become a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and buy your own domain, it is as easy as a single click to transfer your free SiteRubix website onto your own domain.

What is the Second Most Basic Online Marketing Tool?

Think about it a little…. On your website you will have content related to your niche. You will need to be able to find out the keywords that people type into Google or Yahoo or whichever search engine they use to find the information related to your site.

And whichever method of marketing you use, you will need to be able to find out targeted words that direct people to your site. So the second most basic tool is…. a keyword tool – a tool that helps you find the keywords that will get more people to your site.

My favorite keyword tools are Ubersuggest (you can do a lot for free) and Jaaxy (which has a free trial so that you can test it out to see if you are interested in purchasing it or not).

If you need any help setting up a website through the link above or if you have comments on any of this, please leave them below and I will get back to you.

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  1. I agree I prefer making my own website so I can tweak it exactly the way I want. I did create a website through Wealthy Affiliate as you described above and it was surprisingly easy. I am no computer genius so I was pretty impressed that I actually managed.

    1. When I first discovered it Victoria, I was also impressed at how easy it was. I was also impressed with all the help available to develop the site once it was created.

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