Become a Pinterest VA Today! Review — 8 Comments

  1. Kelly’s comment kind of scared me. You present this course as a good one. But is it? Why was she so adamant that people not join the course?

    • I’m sorry about that, Patti. Kelly appeared to have not been able to achieve the results she wanted or expected. I obviously can’t explain why. But she wants people to know that though the course may be full of content, finding clients may not be that easy – in her case, nearly impossible.

      You said I presented the course to be a good one. Yes I did because it is – it is full of good, clear content showing you how to start and grow a Pinterest VA business. It does give some tips on how to find clients, but they may or may not be enough for some people. There are still many entrepreneurs who do not yet know the value of Pinterest for their businesses. So it is up to you to find people who you think would benefit and convince them how it will help them. So… you do have to be a go-getter. If that is you then give it a go!

      Hope this calms your fears. If not keep writing and I’ll keep answering. 🙂


  2. Do not do Kristin & Ginas How to Become a Pinterest VA Course. They promise you a great side hustle with amazing results. This is not the case! I purchased the mini course and it was about $79 for the mini course. Yes, it gave lots of information, however it never really gave you much guidance for finding clients. Basically, they wanted you to join from a list of facebook groups they recommended. Also, they wanted you to try cold emailing and scouring the internet.
    For 2 whole months I barely found any Pinterest VA jobs. I worked 15-18 hour days, so it is not like I was not driven or being lazy. Pinterests VA jobs are hard to find and not very easy to come by.
    If you want to work from home I would recommend working a VA business/applying to remote job postings via indeed,google, etc.. than wasting you time, energy,and money with this flawed course.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences, Kelly. It must have been quite frustrating, with time and money both going down the drain.

      When I was reviewing the course I also noticed that there isn’t a lot of marketing training within it. In fact that is pointed out in the cons section of my review. I agree that you are probably not likely to to find many Pinterest jobs advertised. You absolutely have to cold/warm pitch business owners and solopreneurs and sell them on the benefits of it to make a real business out of it. Pitching is a skill of its own to be sure, and if you have money mindset blocks, all the pitching in the world won’t get you far – at least that’s the way it seems to me.

      That much said, I do believe Kristin and Gina do teach the skills of being a Pinterest VA well. Their videos and material are clear and they give a lot of tips to develop the expertise needed to become an effective Pinterest VA. A member of my team (here at Anywhere and Anytime) personally knows people who have been successful having taken the course.

      It is also true that working from home, you can be a VA in many different niches. Look at the skills you have – there are definitely people who need your help. But there again, you have to find them or find a way for them to find you. 🙂

      I hope you’ve found something else that has worked out for you. All the best,

  3. I have honestly never seen Pinterest training before, but probably because I haven’t really looked for it or taken Pinterest too seriously with my business. This course looks great with lots of content. Pinterest is great for the visual aspect so I imagine having a creative side would help with this course. Good review on this so thanks for sharing all your insights.

    • I haven’t been much into social media so far, Sharon. But I was really impressed with the effect that Pinterest has had on the traffic increase on a few of my friends’ websites. So I’m taking the dive – well, I’m going to get myself a Pinterest VA. The course looks solid enough to me to trust it’s graduates and the graduates I’ve communicated with me gave me the confidence to go forward.

      I also assumed that having a creative side would help with this course. When I asked one of the graduates she told me that of course it would help, but that the course provides training in enough tools and resources, that it is definitely not a requirement! Interesting, isn’t it?

      Glad you liked the review,


  4. Wow! very interesting article. I knew Pinterest was a great way to expand anyones business be it on or offline — but I didn’t know that alone could help you achieve a full time career online.

    Have you used Pinterest at all — and if so does it help move your business forward getting more people to your site / business opportunity?


    • I didn’t know about it either, Michael, until recently. Pretty neat isn’t it, especially for people who want to work from home and love to pin – pin away and get your paycheck. What a way to go!

      I am just starting to use it, so I don’t have personal proof yet. But I have a number of friends who have used it and gotten amazing results. They say to just check first that your niche is one that is relevant to Pinterest users. If it is, then you are good to go.

      I’ll add a comment to this in a few months updating you on how well it worked or not for me.


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