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  1. I purchased Become a Pinterest VA Today last summer and got distracted by other projects. I decided this spring it was time to jump in, so I joined the Pinterest Post Community as the extra kick I needed to get it done. I have found the group to be super active, full of supportive members, including direct support and feedback from Kristin and Gina and their team member Jessica as well. I don’t say that lightly because it was hard to let go of the free groups I was in before the changes were made!!! But I am so glad that I took the leap and joined. I’ve also been impressed by the quality of leads.

    I haven’t officially landed my first Pinterest client just yet, but I have been on a couple calls with interested business owners and my fingers are crossed for an upcoming call to get set up with one of them.

    I just wanted to share my experience with anyone who might be on the fence. I have no doubt that with persistence there is an awesome business to be built with Pinterest marketing.

    • I had heard that some other students had also been concerned when Gina and Kristin stopped the free Facebook group. But it sounds like the new paid group, Pinterest Post Community, is well worth it. I can imagine that the environment is much more focused when it consists of people who really want to be there and are serious about progressing.

      Let us know how things progress for you, Stefanie. We want to know when you get your first client! 🙂


      • Hi Robin. I just wanted to give you an update. I’ve provided Pinterest services for several entrepreneurs since commenting in June (designing Pins, consulting, and scheduling), but today, I signed my first official contract to provide Pinterest services on an on-going basis. I’m pretty excited!

        • Great news, Stefanie!
          From your experiences so far, how is your confidence level in terms of improving your Pinterest skills, being able to get more clients and providing them with valuable services? I hope I’m not being too direct here, but many are quite curious about this whole Pinterest VA career idea and I love hearing different peoples’ points of view.


          • Not too direct at all. I am fascinated by the whole online business thing and how it works differently for different people. I’ve seen some people go out and get clients in a short period of time, and for others, it takes longer.

            It takes longer for me because I am pretty cautious about it. With my schedule (kids, existing freelance business, part-time job), I need to be certain I’m ready to take on a new client and deliver, plus I tend to get nerves and hold myself back when offering new services.

            However, I definitely see the demand for Pinterest services. There are so many online entrepreneurs and business owners out there and most of them could benefit from Pinterest marketing. I’ve watched a lot of job leads open and close while I’ve been pursuing other things and slowly building my Pinterest skills to a level that I am confident in, and have even passed on a great opportunity because I didn’t feel ready. I haven’t started cold pitching (for Pinterest services) or looking on platforms like Upwork, yet I have my first contract. If I can do it, anyone can do it!

            As far as confidence in skills, you can learn the skills, but for people like me, you have to actually do it for someone to build that confidence. Offering services for experience and testimonials helped a lot. At any rate, my plan going forward is to provide excellent services for my new client and only pitch if I see an opportunity or business that looks like a great fit.

            I feel like I am laying the groundwork for what’s to come. Eventually, I won’t be needed at my part-time job, which I am keeping because I love it and because I thrive on a schedule. And my kids are getting older. By the time my youngest is in Kindergarten next year, I will be in a great position to build my business further. In my opinion, if you are interested in creating a work-from-home income, this is a great skill to build.

  2. Thank you for a thorough review on an interesting angle, never thought about being able to do Pinterest VA, I think it would be perfect for people who are already active in the Social Media field and want to turn it into an income.
    I would not go and look for it if I were just starting out to look for a Work At Home option – as I know when I first started in looking for a WAH option – I was as green as the grass! No prior knowledge can be a downer in this case.

    But this is really good for reference later on when we are online ready!
    Cheers – Orion

    • Glad you liked it, Orion.
      Pinterest seems to be a hidden goldmine – many marketers and content creators don’t seem to have gotten it yet. But those that have, and have been able to get the hang of it are able to drive a good amount of traffic to their site. So anyone ready to learn the secrets of Pinterest has a great tool to help online entrepreneurs with. As you say that would be much easier for people who are already in the Social Media field.

      If you do come back to it later, let us know how it goes!

  3. Kelly’s comment kind of scared me. You present this course as a good one. But is it? Why was she so adamant that people not join the course?

    • I’m sorry about that, Patti. Kelly appeared to have not been able to achieve the results she wanted or expected. I obviously can’t explain why. But she wants people to know that though the course may be full of content, finding clients may not be that easy – in her case, nearly impossible.

      You said I presented the course to be a good one. Yes I did because it is – it is full of good, clear content showing you how to start and grow a Pinterest VA business. It does give some tips on how to find clients, but they may or may not be enough for some people. There are still many entrepreneurs who do not yet know the value of Pinterest for their businesses. So it is up to you to find people who you think would benefit and convince them how it will help them. So… you do have to be a go-getter. If that is you then give it a go!

      Hope this calms your fears. If not keep writing and I’ll keep answering. 🙂


      • Hi Robin! Great review on the Pinterest VA course! I too like Patti, am feeling a little bit scared about Kelly’s comment? I just signed up for the Pinterest course today but if it does not seem to be to my liking, I will be cancelling and asking for a refund within my 7 day period! I do not want to waste my $350.00 on a course in which I could not find any clients! The main reason I waited until the last minute to sign up for this course is because of the “pitching to find clients” part? I am hoping that Facebook is not the only way to get clients/leads. Unfortunately, I have to make a Facebook account to even join the private Pinterest group because I purged myself of all social media (FB, Twitter, the gram, LinkedIn, etc.) more than a year ago! Smh I will come back here and let you know how I am making out. I have until next Monday to see how I am liking the course..or not. I just can’t afford to lose $350.00 you know? We’ll see!

        • Thank you for joining out conversation here, Shari.
          Please do come back and share your experiences and if you plan to go forward. I love other readers to be able to get feedback from people that have experienced it for themselves. (I interview several graduates of each course I review to get that kind of feedback.)

          We’ll be waiting!

      • Hi Robin! I decided that the Pinterest VA was not going to work for me. I have to agree with the other poster Kelly about getting clients. After checking out the course it seemed that the main ways to get clients are to join private Facebook group, cold email people, ALREADY be a Virtual Assistant, and ALREADY have a blog or be willing to start one. I have no interest in being a VA or starting a blog or opening up a FB account for leads I might not even the course was not for me. I did not gather any other means of marketing (after checking out the course) assistance other than the aforementioned.

        I would not recommend this to a person who is not active on social media or who does NOT want to start a blog! Also, it was mentioned that the course price could possibly be increased from $349.00?? Um, no. The course IMO is not worth even $349 much less more than that price! Now, if they decided to insert EXTENSIVE assistance (in the course) in helping people to find clients WITHOUT having a blog or being a VA then perhaps the course would be worth the current price of $349.00! The 2-3 student testimonials in the course (there are more) that I looked at all are either a VA or have a blog! This is not encouraging to someone who doesn’t want to have a blog or be a VA. This is why I keep emphasizing this point.

        So I am disappointed because I really hoped this could have been a great WAH opportunity for me 🙁 Anyway, I hope this helps someone else make a decision when the course opens up again later this year..

        • Thanks for your input, Shari. This was an aspect I wasn’t aware of and will incorporate it into my review.
          In spite of this downside of the course, did you also find plus points?

          Appreciate it,

          • Hi Robin,
            Plus point about the course is that some of the information that IS given (ie. how to set up a business Pinterest acct, etc.) Kristen/Gina walk you through it via video tutorials which is pretty helpful. I just really wish more emphasis on the “marketing” aspect was included in the course..

  4. Do not do Kristin & Ginas How to Become a Pinterest VA Course. They promise you a great side hustle with amazing results. This is not the case! I purchased the mini course and it was about $79 for the mini course. Yes, it gave lots of information, however it never really gave you much guidance for finding clients. Basically, they wanted you to join from a list of facebook groups they recommended. Also, they wanted you to try cold emailing and scouring the internet.
    For 2 whole months I barely found any Pinterest VA jobs. I worked 15-18 hour days, so it is not like I was not driven or being lazy. Pinterests VA jobs are hard to find and not very easy to come by.
    If you want to work from home I would recommend working a VA business/applying to remote job postings via indeed,google, etc.. than wasting you time, energy,and money with this flawed course.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences, Kelly. It must have been quite frustrating, with time and money both going down the drain.

      When I was reviewing the course I also noticed that there isn’t a lot of marketing training within it. In fact that is pointed out in the cons section of my review. I agree that you are probably not likely to to find many Pinterest jobs advertised. You absolutely have to cold/warm pitch business owners and solopreneurs and sell them on the benefits of it to make a real business out of it. Pitching is a skill of its own to be sure, and if you have money mindset blocks, all the pitching in the world won’t get you far – at least that’s the way it seems to me.

      That much said, I do believe Kristin and Gina do teach the skills of being a Pinterest VA well. Their videos and material are clear and they give a lot of tips to develop the expertise needed to become an effective Pinterest VA. A member of my team (here at Anywhere and Anytime) personally knows people who have been successful having taken the course.

      It is also true that working from home, you can be a VA in many different niches. Look at the skills you have – there are definitely people who need your help. But there again, you have to find them or find a way for them to find you. 🙂

      I hope you’ve found something else that has worked out for you. All the best,

  5. I have honestly never seen Pinterest training before, but probably because I haven’t really looked for it or taken Pinterest too seriously with my business. This course looks great with lots of content. Pinterest is great for the visual aspect so I imagine having a creative side would help with this course. Good review on this so thanks for sharing all your insights.

    • I haven’t been much into social media so far, Sharon. But I was really impressed with the effect that Pinterest has had on the traffic increase on a few of my friends’ websites. So I’m taking the dive – well, I’m going to get myself a Pinterest VA. The course looks solid enough to me to trust it’s graduates and the graduates I’ve communicated with me gave me the confidence to go forward.

      I also assumed that having a creative side would help with this course. When I asked one of the graduates she told me that of course it would help, but that the course provides training in enough tools and resources, that it is definitely not a requirement! Interesting, isn’t it?

      Glad you liked the review,


  6. Wow! very interesting article. I knew Pinterest was a great way to expand anyones business be it on or offline — but I didn’t know that alone could help you achieve a full time career online.

    Have you used Pinterest at all — and if so does it help move your business forward getting more people to your site / business opportunity?


    • I didn’t know about it either, Michael, until recently. Pretty neat isn’t it, especially for people who want to work from home and love to pin – pin away and get your paycheck. What a way to go!

      I am just starting to use it, so I don’t have personal proof yet. But I have a number of friends who have used it and gotten amazing results. They say to just check first that your niche is one that is relevant to Pinterest users. If it is, then you are good to go.

      I’ll add a comment to this in a few months updating you on how well it worked or not for me.


      • I just wanted to update my situation. I’ve had a Pinterest VA for about four months now. My posts are getting more shares and exposure than before – some of them a lot more! I am excited about the possibilities going forward.


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