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​Bookkeeper Business Launch Before Version 3.0

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Bookkeeper Business Launch before version 3.0
Do you want the key to a prestigious work-from-home career as a bookkeeper?

Are you detail-oriented? Do you like problem-solving? Have you ever considered starting your own virtual bookkeeping business? Would you like to join an action-oriented, online bookkeeping course and aim to have your first client by the time you finish the course? Take a peek at Bookkeeper Business Launch before version 3.0 (previously known as Bookkeeper Business Academy's Bookkeeper Business Blueprint) to see if it appeals to your interests and needs.

Ben has revamped the whole course. Bookkeeper Business Launch 3.0 has been released!!!  Check out the new review: Updated Bookkeeper Business Launch Review: Why it is Even Better Now. 

If you're looking for a way to have a flexible career schedule at home, so that family and work both get your attention, then this online course, Bookkeeper Business Launch, might hold the key. A bookkeeping business may be just right for you!

Name: Bookkeeper Business Launch
(previously known as Bookkeeper Business Blueprint @ Bookkeeper Business Academy)
Website: learntobeabookkeeper.com
Creator: Ben Robinson CPA

Introduction to the Bookkeeper Business Launch Course

While running his own accounting firms, one of Ben Robinson CPA’s biggest problems was finding really good bookkeepers to meet his clients’ needs. As he couldn’t find enough really good ones, he started training people to meet these needs. Over the years, as he refined the process, he succeeded in turning people who knew nothing about accounting or finances into great bookkeepers. He trained more than 100 great bookkeepers for his firms.

Ben put a lot of time and effort into developing bookkeeping systems that are effective and time-saving. And with the development of the Internet and various applications, it can all be done online, allowing a bookkeeper’s job to be done from anywhere. Obviously, anyone who has these bookkeeping skills can easily start their own business, serving clients locally or globally. Ben’s goal is to train 10,000 people – stay-at-home moms or anyone who wants to work from home – to start and run their own bookkeeping businesses. Thus was born Bookkeeper Business Academy and the associated course Bookkeeper Business Blueprint which has now been renamed Bookkeeper Business Launch.

Bookkeeper Business Launch Course review
Bookkeeper Business Launch Course in a Nutshell

Let’s first look at some of the pros and cons of the course:


  • The course teaches you every detail you need to know about bookkeeping and the business systems involved to run your own business
  • You don’t have to have a background in accounting, finance or business
  • It is an action-oriented course – you are taught how and what to DO, not just theory
  • The course is presented in a Tell, Show, Do format – you hear the concepts explained, see them in action and then do (practice) them yourself
  • The course teaches a proven formula for creating a successful bookkeeping business that has been tested and then improved upon with each update of the course
  • There is an active Facebook community for additional support
  • The course gives you the skills to have a real, prestigious career from home that is flexible around the needs of your family
  • You can do it anywhere and anytime
  • It is a self-paced, multimedia online course
  • It gives you the choice of working part time or full time
  • It gives you the choice to decide who you work with
  • The course is viewable on mobile devices
  • You can start earning soon after successfully completing the course (though it takes time to build up a big enough client base to achieve a full-time income)
  • The course has a free three-session precursor video course with downloadable transcripts, that allows you to get a clear idea of what bookkeeping is, to decide if becoming a bookkeeper is really the thing for you. You can watch this free three-session course here.
  • Full refund available, for any reason, if requested within the first 30 days


  • It takes real work and time
  • If you have previous bookkeeping knowledge, you may have to unlearn some of it

Course Overview

This course, originally named Bookkeeper Business Blueprint, and now called Bookkeeper Business Launch is literally a blueprint of what you need to learn and do in order to start your own bookkeeping business. It is an intensive, online, interactive, self-paced course that teaches both the bookkeeping and the marketing skills required to build a bookkeeping business.

BBL Dashboard video

Ben’s goal is not to help you get a job, but to teach you how to build a business that is yours. He makes it clear from the beginning that it isn’t always easy, but quite doable. It does take commitment to complete the course. And it does require a huge investment of time up front to get your business on its feet.

Who is the Bookkeeper Business Launch Course for?

This course is for stay-at-home moms or dads, retired people, the physically challenged, or anyone who wants the freedom and flexibility associated with working from home (or anywhere) and being your own boss.

It is for people who:

  • Are personable and have integrity
  • Are straightforward and say things as they are (not afraid to give bad news)
  • Want to make a difference
  • Have a positive outlook
  • Are hardworking
  • Enjoy problem-solving
  • Have a questioning mind
  • Want a real career they can do from home
PowerPoint Slide Show - [SLIDES-BK-Knowledge-Module-1] 2-min
PowerPoint Slide Show - [SLIDES-BK-Knowledge-Module-1]-min

It is not for people who think they can watch the videos and start making money without any effort, or people looking to have a passive income.

 Training & Resources

The course has two sections – Bookkeeping Knowledge (5 units) and Business & Marketing (10 modules). You have access to all the material as soon as you sign up for the course.

BBL Fundamentals

The training is in the form of videos accompanied by downloadable class notes and presentation slides. There are hands-on activities allowing you to practice the concepts taught as well as quizzes and tests. And Ben recently added Bootcamp Coaching to the course.

The Bootcamp was originally a live event, which is now available to members of the course. The Bootcamp Coaching Unit is made up of four modules with video lessons covering a range of business and marketing skills: getting ready to make money, getting your first client, setting up your business, and networking. It also includes a replay video of the meet and greet live event and other live event replays as well.

There are opportunities to ask questions through regular Q & A sessions and through a private Facebook group. The quizzes and hands-on exercises between the videos allow you to digest what was presented, obtain the needed certifications and gain hands-on experience.

The bookkeeping knowledge videos cover all the fundamental elements and actual bookkeeping applications. Ben teaches how to make use of online tools and how they fit into the process. The business system training videos cover the marketing, selling, advertising, and client management aspects. He has streamlined the whole process, teaching systems and procedures for every single thing you have to do as a bookkeeper and showing you how to automate the whole business as much as possible. Ben also includes downloadable notes along with all the videos.

BBL Bonuses

Ben also brings in the mindset you need to develop as being your own boss (rather than being the employee), in managing clients and in developing a work-life balance. Maintaining a work-life balance and continuing education are high on his list of priorities.

There is a learning portal where you can access replays of all the videos as well as the other resources that Ben provides including bonus materials in the form of specialized videos – a training series for LinkedIn, a mini Squarespace tutorial, and other additional bonus materials added from time to time.

There is an extensive library of templates for many of the different letters, forms, etc that you will need to set up your business. He also includes a number of real client case studies.

You have lifetime access to the course material, resources, and future course updates. 

You can check out the Course Syllabus if you would like to know more specifically what the course covers.

ICB membership through BBL

On top of all that, the Bookkeeper Business Launch has now teamed up with and has been accredited by ICB USA International Certified Bookkeepers (www.icbusa.org), the world's leading bookkeeping organization.

As a student of Bookkeeper Business Launch, you will receive a free membership for one year in ICB, be enrolled as an ICB student, and take ICB assessments at the end of your course allowing you to then upgrade into higher levels of ICB membership. You will be in a position to take ICB exams and thus obtain ICB accreditation.


There are regular live Q&A sessions for students.  There is unlimited email support as well as a private Facebook group for students to work together. The FaceBook group is very active, and questions get answered quickly by other members of the group (or they are discussed to reach a consensus).

BBL Q&A replays

There are members at all levels in the Facebook group which is really useful. Lesson topics are discussed, members provide feedback on each other's developing websites and graduates even answer questions about their own experiences building their businesses and other practical topics. There is a real sense of support and camaraderie there.

Ben isn't in the Facebook group very often, but other members of his team are, and he answers his emails quickly. If a question is too difficult to answer via email, he'll address it during the Q&A, which is recorded and added to the learning portal. It is all organized so that you never feel alone on your journey – you have help all the way.

Ben offers to review and offer suggestions on your marketing material and website. He warns that he doesn't sugar-coat his suggestions though. So be ready – if you want to excel, you have to work for it!

Educational Qualifications and Skills Needed

There are no particular educational qualifications necessary – Ben teaches from the basics up.

As far as skills go, you really need to:

  • Be personable
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be detail oriented
  • Be organized
  • Be able to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Have a working knowledge of technology

Additional requirements:

  • Computer and high-speed internet connection
  • Email
  • Scanner

Price for the Bookkeeper Business Launch Course

Ben offers a 12-pay plan besides the basic single payment option.

Option 1: Single payment of $1999

Option 2: Twelve payments of $199 – 1st payment of $199 on joining, and then 11 more payments every 30 days.

If you aren’t satisfied, for any reason at all, Ben offers a full refund to anyone who requests one within the first 30 days.

My Final Opinion

I found the course to be quite thorough and well thought out. It is literally a blueprint of what you need to learn and do to actually get your remote, online bookkeeping business up and running. Though there is a lot of information to absorb, Ben's teaching style is interesting and easy to follow. He makes sure there is a way to get everyone's questions answered.

And the course keeps improving – Ben periodically updates the course, adding new materials and resources, like the Bootcamp Coaching, for example. He doesn't stop! Ben is currently in the process of updating the course again, and those updates will be available to current members of the course.

It really is an all-inclusive course, and Ben doesn't hold back anything that could keep a person from succeeding.

I see this course as different from other bookkeeping courses I've seen in two ways:

  • It teaches you the business skills in addition to bookkeeping skills so you can build your own business, not just work for someone else.
  • It teaches you how to do everything online – you learn how to build a virtual business that you can run from home or wherever you are.

I think both of these aspects put you in a very good position.

If you really apply yourself as you proceed through the course work (it does take work, especially to get started, don't kid yourself about that), you can possibly even have your first client by the time you finish the course! Obviously, for results to really kick in, it takes at least a couple of months once you have completed the course.

But still… looking at the big picture – it is a real career opportunity that you can learn, apply and start to build into a real business in just a few months without the cost or time of a college degree. Is this your type of thing? Join the free 3-session introductory course to find out. In this free video course Ben gives a good idea of what the job of a virtual bookkeeper entails, the characteristics you need to succeed, how much you can expect to earn as a bookkeeper, how to market your services to find great clients, and more. Ben has recently updated the free course, which now also includes downloadable transcripts.

Verdict: It provides a legitimate anywhere anytime career.

Bookkeeper Business Launch free course

If you would like some more details about how this career opportunity can work for stay-at-home moms or dads, read Ben's interview about the course or read this interview with Callie Sitek, a stay-at-home mom and a graduate from Ben's first class. Callie has since done a second interview to let us all know how things are developing for her.

If you are interested, you can also read Amy's interview about how this mother of three started her own bookkeeping business or Holly's interview where she shares how Bookkeeper Business Launch provided that change she needed in her life.

Any questions? comments? Please leave them below!

Or if you have taken the course, the rest of us would love to hear about your experiences. 🙂

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