Bring the Fresh – A Straightforward Review of Bring the Fresh 2014

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Are you interested in learning how to become an affiliate marketer while the kids are at school or the baby is sleeping?

Would you like to polish up your SEO and PPC skills while the boys are at football practice?

Bring the Fresh 2014
Bring the Fresh 2014


Price: $7 for first week, $47 monthly fee
thereafter (+ plenty of up-sells)
Owner: Kelly Felix
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

BRING THE FRESH 2014, Product Overview

Bring the Fresh 2014 is an online platform where you can learn affiliate marketing, SEO and PPC as well as get (paid) access to other related money making opportunities. The owner, Kelly Felix, has completely revised and improved the 2014 version of the program. He teaches specific methods of building affiliate websites to get traffic and rankings through his “2014 Bring the Fresh Guide to Everything” document and accompanying videos.

Included in the basic program are also videos on Advanced SEO, PPC training, interviews with other successful online entrepreneurs, access to other programs he is involved in and an active forum through which the members share, discuss and help each other out. Kelly also shares a list of products and services that he himself uses in the process, but the cost of using some of these does add up.

The Good & the Bad


  • There is a wealth of information to absorb
  • The accompanying videos make it easier to follow
  • Kelly uses his own website as a model and a teaching guide
  • Anyone can apply the methods used whether they have previous internet marketing knowledge or not
  • The forum is active and has discussions on all relevant topics
  • The forum also has areas for success stories and website development feedback
  • It is itself an affiliate program
  • The program is updated regularly, updates generally coinciding with Google updates
  • Access to other paid programs such as BTF Gold, BTF Mastermind and Regal Assets Affiliates can literally develop into gold mines
  • Members of the advanced areas of the program like BTF Gold get additional support including one-on-one coaching from top members, access to the private Facebook group, a free start-up website, etc.


Bring The Fresh - Link Packages
Bring The Fresh – Link Packages
  • The pricing structure is not transparent – when you join it isn’t clear how much you will have to pay in the long run
  • Though many of the services used are free ones, others are paid ones (which add up quickly)
  • The program does not have its own website builder or hosting
  • There is a steep learning curve for people with no previous experience
  • If you don’t follow the directions in the training exactly, you might end up in a mess
  • If you aren't familiar with ClickBank’s refund procedures, you may find it difficult to cancel your membership subscription if you want to
  • The ready-made SEO packages and websites are not always so good, nor are they cheap

Who is BRING THE FRESH 2014 For?

Bring the Fresh 2014 is for anyone who is interested in building an online affiliate business or who wants to develop their skills further. The basic program consisting of the “2014 Bring the Fresh Guide to Everything” document and accompanying videos is geared towards people with little or no experience in internet marketing. But it is also useful for those who need to polish up their skills or learn a different method to go about getting Google rankings.

Other areas of the program including BTF Mastermind and the PPC training are more geared towards people who have some experience already and want to go up to the next level.

Bring the Fresh takes work and dedication to succeed. So it is definitely not for people who expect to be able to pay the monthly fee, click their mouse a few times and expect the money to roll in.

BRING THE FRESH 2014 – Tools & Training

Bring The Fresh Forum
Bring The Fresh Forum

The basic training is in the form of a single pdf document, “2014 Bring the Fresh Guide to Everything” and the accompanying videos. This document contains a wealth of information, but is quite dense. It is presented step by step, but without much breathing space – you have to insert that yourself!

The forum provides a good source of training in that you can ask questions as well as search the archives for information related to what you need to know.

As far as tools go, Kelly provides a list of links to tools. He explains how to use each of these in the guide. Some of them are free online tools and others are paid tools.

BRING THE FRESH 2014 – Support

The main form of support is through the forum. The owner, Kelly, is also active in the forum.
In addition there is also a customer support center.

BRING THE FRESH 2014 – Price

The introductory price is $7 – this is for the first 7 days. (Join here)
Thereafter you are automatically charged $47 a month for the basic membership.
In addition, you have to pay for your domain(s), hosting and other services.
If you want to join any of the advanced areas of the program, or buy back links or SEO packages you have to pay for those too.

Educational Qualifications and Skills Needed

There are no required educational qualifications or degrees needed to join or be able to succeed using Bring the Fresh. But you do need:

  • The interest and perseverance to go forward and take action
  • Ability to follow directions precisely
  • Basic computer and internet skills
  • Basic writing skills are helpful unless you plan to outsource all your writing needs
  • Typing skills make things faster

My Final Opinion of BRING THE FRESH 2014

Bring the Fresh 2014 is definitely a program that can help you learn the ropes and develop into an affiliate marketer. The forum is full of success stories of people who started from scratch. Personally I feel like some of the methods are a bit outdated and hence instructions have to be followed very carefully in order to to succeed.

VERDICT: It is a legitimate anywhere and anytime opportunity.

If you are interested in learning about internet marketing or affiliate marketing and would like to start building your own website for FREE (training included), check this out.

On the other hand, if you have ever used Bring the Fresh or have had any experiences related to it, please share them below. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask those as well!

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8 thoughts on “Bring the Fresh – A Straightforward Review of Bring the Fresh 2014”

  1. A very clear and well constructed review. It looks to me like BTF might well work for people who have not yet found WA.
    Regards and good luck

    1. I feel that the methods in Wealthy Affiliate are simpler to implement than those in Bring the Fresh – but that is just my opinion. 🙂

  2. Well written review. I like your unbiased pros and cons list. Definitely a program worth checking out.

    1. It does have its pro and cons. On the whole I find it a bit complicated to implement, but I won’t say it doesn’t work.

  3. Nice post, it’s good to hear of someone who has already tried the product for everyone else to see before spending a dime.

    The thing that you use black text on top of white background leaves the website a bit too simple though.

    1. I had heard very conflicting reports about BTF actually. So I wanted to see it for myself. Surprisingly most of the reports I heard about it were more or less true – it has quite a few good points as well as not so good points. But doesn’t most everything?

      You think it is too simple? Interesting… I did it purposefully. 😀
      Appreciate the input.

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