Bring the Fresh – A Straightforward Review of Bring the Fresh 2014 — 8 Comments

  1. A very clear and well constructed review. It looks to me like BTF might well work for people who have not yet found WA.
    Regards and good luck

    • I feel that the methods in Wealthy Affiliate are simpler to implement than those in Bring the Fresh – but that is just my opinion. 🙂

  2. Nice post, it’s good to hear of someone who has already tried the product for everyone else to see before spending a dime.

    The thing that you use black text on top of white background leaves the website a bit too simple though.

    • I had heard very conflicting reports about BTF actually. So I wanted to see it for myself. Surprisingly most of the reports I heard about it were more or less true – it has quite a few good points as well as not so good points. But doesn’t most everything?

      You think it is too simple? Interesting… I did it purposefully. 😀
      Appreciate the input.

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