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Quotes from Proofread Anywhere graduates

Quotes from Proofread Anywhere graduates
Additional comments based on Heather’s post above
Quotes from Proofread Anywhere graduates
Another comment based on Heather’s post above


Proofread Anywhere graduate quotes


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Graduate Experiences:

These are some stories (and quotes) from graduates regarding their background and why they decided to take the course…

This was one of Heather’s (posting as Ramy) first posts after she finished the course in June 2015 and got a client:

Proof Anywhere graduate quotes
Facebook post by Heather Ashamalla (Ramy)

Heather’s story so far…

Proofread Anywhere graduate experiences
Heather Ashamalla in Alexandria, Egypt

I’m not a mom yet. BUT… The number one reason I was initially interested in the course and decided to do it is because we are hoping to have kids very soon and it is a huge priority for me to be a stay-at-home mom. I have always wanted to do that and my husband is very supportive of the idea, but I graduated from college with huge loan debts. Looking back, I probably would not have gone to college if I knew how much my loans would be and that I would soon after be getting married and wanting to stay home with my children. I feel it is very difficult for me to stay home and saddle my husband with all that debt that I accumulated before he met me. So I was desperately looking for any way I might be able to make some money at home. I just happened to have previous skills in reading and writing, and so this business path fit me perfectly.

The second big reason I was interested in working from home is because travel is a big part of my life. I traveled to a few other countries while in college, and I met my husband while working at a summer job in Egypt. That is his native country. We have recently moved to the States, but I know that visiting his family as often as we can afford is a huge priority for us. I love that this is a source of income that I can take with me anywhere so that we can visit them for longer periods of time with less worry.

I recently finished the course and have my first client! 🙂


I have 4 steady clients now and a few with occasional work. Little by little, my work is building! I am already close to matching my salary from my previous full-time job that I left.

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Here is some feedback from Kellan:

Proofread Anywhere graduate experiences

Hi! I’m Kellan, a WAHM with very active toddlers, ages three and almost-two.

I have worked from home for the last five years or so as an accountant. I decided earlier this year that I wanted to focus on taxes rather than the every day accounting needs of my clients. This decision left me with a lot of down time after tax season ended.

I stumbled across an article on the course and decided to give it a try. I already had an idea what would work well for my family. We have an odd schedule, and the course seemed like a perfect fit. What I love about this course is its flexibility – the amount of time that you put in is entirely up to you.

My family is already accustomed to me working sporadically throughout the day, so the time I worked on my coursework was not unusual to them. I would study about two hours in the morning and afternoon while the boys were playing, during nap time, and before I went to bed, totaling about eight hours a day. I completed the course in about three weeks.

It took me another three weeks to find my first clients, and within about two weeks I had already made back what I invested in the course. I definitely see a monetary benefit in what I’m doing. I was honestly a little surprised. I had set low, realistic goals for myself.

I’ve always loved reading but I find that even the most mundane topics can get really interesting once the attorneys start arguing amongst themselves during a deposition. I still have a way to go but anything that can help knock down the $150,000+ in student loan debt that I accumulated earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees is a blessing.

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A few words from another graduate, Alicia who graduated in March 2015….

Proofread Anywhere graduate experiences
Alicia Ritmaha

My name is Alicia Ritmaha. I work full time in the banking industry. My husband takes care of our two boys during the day and works part time at night in a restaurant. I have always thought it would be nice to work at home but never found anything that seemed legitimate or within my skill set.

I found Caitlin and Proofread Anywhere after reading her story on When I read she was teaching a course on how to proofread for court reporters I thought, “That is something I can do.” I immediately Googled her and got information on the course. I was a little hesitant to sign up, but I did it anyway. Boy am I glad I did!!

I finished the course in about a month, and it took me about a month to get my first client. My first client liked me so much she decided she was going to use me full time. Yay!! I am on track to make about $300 this month and hope to grow that amount as time goes on. I love that this is something you can do ANYWHERE. So far I have only received jobs on the weekends, but I plan to turn my commuting time, lunch break, and kids’ soccer practice into proofreading time.

I most likely will not quit my job and work at home soon. My main goal is to use the extra money I make proofreading to become 100% debt free, including my house. I might consider quitting my job at that time.


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