​Do Online Job Training Courses Provide Careers from Home?

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Do Online Job Training Courses Provide Careers from Home
Does education necessarily provide jobs these days?

A good education has always meant getting ready for the field of work you want to do in your life. Having a good education was always a good indicator of having a wide knowledge of the world and being able to accomplish difficult tasks in your specialty field. It comes as no surprise then that employers have always put their trust into diplomas, certificates, and other documents that prove someone’s rank in education. A good diploma has always been the equivalent of a good worker, or, at least, a worker who is able to comprehend the task put in front of him or her.

Can online job training courses provide the needed education and skills? Are these sufficient to satisfy employers or to be able to be self-employed, providing online careers you can do from home?

The Educational Situation Today

Fast-forward to today and you will be delighted to hear that the number of graduates has risen constantly in the past decade. A study shows that on average it rose by 0.78 percent in the last ten years. Now you may think that this is a good indicator of what kind of workers colleges and other schools put out in the world, but the reality of it is not always so bright.

Of course, having more educated people with a broader understanding of their surroundings is not something that is negative in the sense of a general view of the population; but if we look at our own experience, many of us will be able to see that these new generations of “workers” have trouble finding a job to their suiting.

There are many social and economic reasons for this phenomenon, and it would require a much bigger analysis to get a clearer picture of this whole trend in modern society than this article can provide. What we can do is take a look at aspects of modern education and how it has changed global society.

How has the Internet Changed the Educational Situation?

Since the emergence of the internet, there have been sites that educate people. Be it in the field of the web itself, or any other field that was interesting enough to be made public. Today, there is no subject that is not covered on the web. From repairing car parts to programming in Python, online courses have taken over the education system.

It goes so far as to being able to provide a much more beneficial type of education that lacks in traditional schools. I have friends and acquaintances who are currently studying at good colleges who long for the classes to be over as soon as possible, just so they can go home and finish parts of the online job training and courses they are pursuing.

online job training programs
Waiting to get home

One could argue that these friends could have easily just studied the field they are interested in through traditional education instead of taking online training courses. To that I say: no, they couldn’t have. Some of them just didn’t have the opportunity to study what they wanted to study because of material reasons, geographical factors, and so on. Some of them just didn’t make the right move in their step towards what they were going to study; or a move that, at the time, felt like the right one but turned out to be over-represented in the current market.

We are part of an ever-changing economy that fluctuates almost on a daily basis. New jobs and skills are required today, that yesterday no one thought of studying in the first place. This kind of economy requires workers and individuals that are versatile and adaptable to various circumstances. Traditional schools, unfortunately, don’t cut it when it comes to this kind of undefinable economic niche.

Who Makes These Various Training Programs Available on the Internet?

Thanks to enthusiasts who put a great deal of their own time into educating people through the internet about various types of skills that are useful in this day of age, we have the opportunity to widen our horizons in many fields that feel appropriate in the current moment. Online job training opportunities can be found across the web, and the best part of it is that many of them are free of charge.

Of course, getting something free doesn’t always mean it is good. Higher level online job trainings or very specific ones are something that is comprised of experts in the particular field, and thus comes with a price, which is understandable.

online career training
Cataloging and sorting an enormous stream of information

Another problem that arises when searching for online job training opportunities, is the sheer nature of the internet as being a place of hyper information. There are so many sites to choose from, which can make it an overwhelming experience for everyone who just got into the “game”. This characteristic of the internet as a whole is something that has baffled many since its creation. Cataloging and sorting this enormous stream of information was the main task of many companies, and also the thing that made Google one of the most successful companies in the world.

So Where to Start?

In terms of online job training opportunities, there are always starting points that could lead to more advanced courses. Finding these starting points, as the term suggests, is often the key to a successful start.

Human Proof Designs is one of those sites which could be the launching pad for your online job adventure if you are interested in affiliate marketing and earning from websites. It is home to a collection of ever-growing articles and training courses that will surely broaden your perspective when it comes to online job opportunities.

Human Proof Designs provides online job training

Human Proof Designs does not just list training and sites that could be beneficial for everyone interested in the field of affiliate marketing opportunities. It is also a service that can provide you with extensive case studies, articles, and training to get you ready in every aspect you need to know about this area. Their newsletter is comprehensive as it provides all the new training and articles they’re putting out.

Being first in some new niche is always a good thing, that’s why Human Proof Designs has concentrated its efforts on making this marketing concept a reality for its users. If you want a head start on how to have a head start, then this site is something you should definitely check out as soon as possible.

online job training from home

This site (the site you are on) could also be your launching pad. It reviews a variety of online training courses that provide careers from home. Some of these courses (such as virtual bookkeeping, remote transcription, or court transcript proofreading) are ones that, for the first time, focus on how to succeed in doing such careers from home. It also reviews courses that teach affiliate marketing and website building, besides reviewing work-from-home companies. It also provides tips on other 24/7 income opportunities.

The fact is that most of these online training courses are much more relevant than college courses when it comes to finding work moms and dads can do from home. Many of them are created by people who discovered a need, figured out how to do it, and in turn teach it to others. These courses allow you to learn the skills you need to start a new career in a much shorter span of time than if you had gone back to college, and these skills are specific to the present-day needs.

So what do you think? Do you think online job training courses can really provide careers moms and dads can do from anywhere? Does it sound realistic? Do you have an online career you can do from home or would you like one? Leave your thoughts and questions below!

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10 thoughts on “​Do Online Job Training Courses Provide Careers from Home?”

  1. Whether you have a college degree or not, it can be very challenging to find job these days. That was my case after I graduated as well. I’m fortunate that I discovered an online affiliate marketing program after I was done with school. But then I was wondering how awesome it would’ve had been if I discovered this while I was in school and by the time I was done with school I would’ve already been making passive income through this!

    1. That is true, Joon. Online opportunities have really changed the way we can live if we are fortunate enough to find the right opportunities!


  2. Hi Robin,

    First off I want to commend you on a great website. I blog and do online marketing and have seen a lot of sites, but yours doesn’t seem pushy while displaying great information about online products and services. I’m actually considering an Online BookKeeping course now…lol. Thanks for the resource and keep up the valuable content.


    Wayne Gosse

    1. Thanks, Wayne. That is my aim – to present valuable content and information. 🙂

      Sometimes I get so excited about some of the training courses I find, that I have to rein myself in. lol! I’m afraid sometimes that my enthusiasm will come across as pushy. The thing is that there are some people who really are providing all you need to learn to start a new career from home within a single course! The internet and its capabilities still boggle my mind at times!

      Well, good luck, if you do join the online bookkeeping course!


  3. Hello there,

    Great article. I think the most important part regarding the place you get the knowledge from the internet (either paid or free) is not only the course, but the support it gives to you to practice what you have learned. This gives you confidence that you are on the right path.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. That is a good point. It is true – I find that I trust and use programs more that have an active forum or Facebook group where you can ask questions, sort things out, share experiences and get support. This aspect makes it just as good as a live class in terms of feedback and support. But then the online aspect allows you to learn it at your own pace – hence my preference for online courses!

      Glad you liked it,


  4. There is so much training out there, so many online courses that teach you how to make money online, plus loads of scams or training that just doesn’t cut it.

    Your post is very detailed and informative. You’ve gone to a lot of work to inform us of what’s available, where to start and that an online business is a genuine way to make a living.

    Thanks for posting this.

    1. Yes, Darren, there definitely are a lot of scams and substandard courses out there. And it takes time to wade through it all, sometimes becoming quite frustrating!

      At the same time there is loads of great stuff too! I wish I could compile it all in one place instantly! But it takes time.

      People don’t realise that having an online business from home is a genuine way to make a living. Most people equate online business with marketing and selling online. That is one option, but there are so many other businesses you can do online from home as well. And there are many more companies offering work from home jobs as well. The picture is really changing fast!

      Glad you liked it,


  5. There are so many online courses available these days. Last year I did a load of training courses on a website called Alison. It was good for a free site, but the quality in the training was extremely variable. Some were great, some were not so great. And there was no consistency in approach, because every course was created by somebody completely different.

    I’ve never heard of Human Proof Designs though. That’s a new one on me. I’ll have to take a proper look at it sometime.

    Really nice website by the way. That header banner is spot-on. Did you pay someone to design that for you?

    1. Yes, there are a lot now. But it isn’t always easy to find the ones that you want or are good.

      It is natural that the quality will be variable with different people creating the different courses. I haven’t heard of Alison though. I’ll check it out.

      Human Proof Designs is great if you are aiming to build an online business or learn affiliate marketing. Dom, the owner, is really working hard and freely letting everyone see what he is doing and learning so that others can gain from it.

      I’m glad you like the site. A friend designed the banner. I really like it too. 🙂


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