Does the Phrase “Work from Home Business” Scare You? — 8 Comments

    • I’m glad you found it useful, John.
      Writing just takes practice. We can all speak quite easily. Just start writing as you would speak. Then read it out loud to yourself, edit it and make it into paragraphs. Leave it for a while and come back and work on it again. You will be surprised at the outcome sometimes!
      I am still not fast, but persistent. It does take work.

      Good luck to you too!

  1. I can imagine people are scared Robin. Scared of the unknown. I was too, when I started on Wealthy Affiliate. I asked myself, can I do this? And would I be able to write a website? I had all kind of questions. I am not a native English speaker as well, so that could be an issue too.
    In the meanwhile I took the step. I started my first website in July 2014. And now, a year later I have 5 websites up and running. Unbelievable! The lessons at Wealthy Affiliate are super simple to follow. The community took me by the hand and helped me through all my questions. I haven’t regret one day! I am still learning, but nowadays also earning 🙂 And my English has improved very much!
    Loes from The Netherlands 🙂

    • I agree. Loes. The unknown is daunting – but it doesn’t often take much to make it known. Taking that step is the hard part – and how do you decide which step to take? That’s why you take that pre-step: look around, read, ask questions, listen. YOU have to do something to know what to do next.
      I am happy that you found something that worked for you – a non-native English speaker building websites in English! Impressive!
      Best of luck for your present and future endeavors,

  2. Well you said it all in a nutshell. No one should postpone making money from home due to fear. It will cripple you and render you useless. I like your advice and you explained the program for success quite well. Keep the posts coming, I believe you have something good and informative here.

  3. I think this write up will clear up a number of doubts for many who might be a bit skeptic. Thanks for putting this up. It has been of great help.

    Best wishes,

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