The Truth About Transcription – eBook Free Download Available Now

Sadly, there’s a lot of misleading information out there about the transcription industry. Mostly, this misinformation stems from training companies who are more concerned with getting your money than they are about making you a successful transcriptionist.

That’s why Janet Shaughnessy, a veteran transcriptionist and creator of the popular course “Transcribe Anywhere” has just released her new book, The Truth About Transcription, now available on

This info-packed book offers real talk about what it takes to succeed at transcription, why some people may fail, and the reality of what it’s like to work from home. She separates myth from fact and the scams and the legitimate opportunities.

The book also features insightful stories from real people who are successful work-at-home transcriptionists.

Grab a copy of Janet’s new book before April 5th and get it for FREE!

The Truth About Transcription Ebook by Janet Shaughnessy
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