Are you ready to start your online career, or take one to the next level?This guide has our top 10 resources for work-at-home career options for stay-at-home moms. Whether you're looking for a little extra income on the side or hoping to grow a full-time business, these some of the most lucrative business ideas for 2019. #businessideas #workfromhome #workathomemom If so, free courses are the perfect way to get your feet wet and see if a particular online career is the right one for you.

For me, a free course was the thing that got me started in affiliate marketing. I was interested but unsure and not ready to make an investment. Taking the free course gave me the chance to check affiliate marketing out and see if it would fit into my busy life, and if I even liked it.

Once I got into the course material, I was excited to find out it was a legitimate way to make an income from home, and that it was flexible enough to fit into my busy life. After that, I was ready to invest with confidence.

Take a look at the following free online courses to start your work-at-home career and see if one or two stand out to you.

They are all FREE and have all been verified as legitimate work-from-home careers. Just click on the free course links or images to get more information about each course.

[Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all courses I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.]

[Updated November 14, 2019]


Free introductory bookkeeping business courseBookkeeper Launch Free Course

  • 3-session video course with transcripts
  • Presents what bookkeeping actually is, the characteristics needed, the income potential, the basics of getting clients, the mindset required and more!

   Interview with the course creator, Ben Robinson CPA  


Free introduction to general proofreading

  • Free Proofreading workshop76-minute workshop
  • Jam-packed with info on how to start a proofreading business
  • Shows what good proofreaders do and don’t do, how to develop the skills you’d need, how to use one of the most popular proofreading tools and more

  Interview with the course creator, Caitlin Pyle  




Free scoping intro course

  • Make money from home as a scopist7-day email course
  • It provides a basic idea of what scoping is, the demand for it, the skills and education required, the earning potential, marketing aspects and what you need to get started

  Interview with the course creator, Linda Evenson  



Free general transcription mini course

  • Want to Become a Transcriptionist mini course7-day email course
  • Provides information about general transcription as a career – who can do it, who needs it, where you can find clients, how much you can make, the skills you need, whether or not you fit the bill to become a transcriptionist and more…

  Interview with the course creator, Janet Shaughnessy  




Free legal transcription mini course

  • Legal Transcription Foundations FREE Mini Course4-day email course
  • An overview of the legal transcription industry along with foundational information to help you in your decision on whether or not it is a career that would suit your interests and needs

  Interview with the course creator, Janet Shaughnessy




Free Amazon FBA Starter Course by The Selling FamilyFree Amazon FBA Starter Course

  • 9-part video course
  • Helps you understand why Amazon is perfect for building a business, how you can use it to avoid inventory cluttering your own home, how to choose inventory that will make you a profit, how to choose the right items – the ones people want and the tools that help save time and help you run your business efficiently




Free access to introductory affiliate  marketing training

  • Wealthy Affiliate - A Platform for Affiliate Marketers of All LevelsAccess to the first 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate OnlineEntrepreneur Certification
  • 2 free websites
  • Access to the first 10-lesson course that is the basis of affiliate marketing

  Some FAQs about this affiliate marketing training platform Review of the full training offered  



Free introductory court transcript proofreading course

  • Free Proofreader intro course7-day email course
  • Provides some basic tips and advice on general proofreading and gives an introduction to court transcript proofreading, a proofreading niche that many of us haven’t even heard of

  Review of the free course Interview with the course creator, Caitlin Pyle






Free Intro to Voice Over Mini-Course
  • A free multi-lesson introductory overview of voice over work
  • Video format
  • Covers what voice over work entails, what skills are needed, how voice artists find work, how much money they make, and more!




Access to the Work-at-Home Summit – a free virtual conference to help you build you work-from-home career **

  • The training you need to begin a successful careerSummit orientation starts with the Work-from-home Truth Bombs e-book, Summit workbook and more
  • Access to Work-at-Home Heroes Facebook group – an awesome place to ask all of your questions about working from home
  • Continues with informative emails
  • Concludes with the free Work-at-Home-School Summit hosting nearly 50 experts offering introductory training enabling you to plan, build and thrive working from home. (You have lifelong access to this free summit – you can watch/listen to it as much as you need to digest it all!)

Interview with Work-at-Home-School creator, Caitlin Pyle.

Review of the Work-at-Home-School Summit (**Work-at-Home School is a seasonal course which means the doors aren’t always open! Click here to find out if it’s open, or to join the waiting list to be notified once it’s available!)  

Additional Free Resources:  


Free Business Ideas Quiz Not sure what kind of work-from-home business to start? Take our free quiz to find out which business is likely to work best for you based on your skills, characteristics, and interests! 

Click here to download!  



4 Quick Steps to Jumpstart Your VA Biz4 Quick Steps to Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Business This brand new guide is a quick and easy way to help you determine exactly what kind of VA you want to be! Includes tips for turning prospects into clients and a list of 150+ services you can offer as a VA! If you’re interested in finding out more about the world a virtual assistant Gina’s interview might be an interesting read.  



200+ freelance writing niches

A free list of more than 200 niches to give you ideas of what you could write about if you are considering becoming a freelance writer – ideas to inspire and get your imagination flowing!   Wondering if freelance writing is a realistic work-from-home career for a mom with limited time? Check out this interview.     






Free workbook - Podcastvas What Services Should I Offer

Free Workbook: What Services Should I Offer? If you’re interested in offering Podcast VA services but not sure where to begin, this free workbook covers the top podcast skills that small businesses need your help with. You’ll also learn why businesses hire Podcast VAs and the top five services. The workbook will help you decide which services are best for you to specialize in!






The Truth About Transcription Ebook

Free ebook, The Truth About Transcription– This info-packed book offers real talk about what it takes to succeed at transcription, why some people may fail, and the reality of what it’s like to work from home. She separates myth from fact and the scams and the legitimate opportunities.





There's so much information about how to become a "digital nomad" but it's really hard to sort out the scams from the legitimate opportunities. That's why we made this 100% free guide to give you information on all the best opportunities! Girl at desk with notebook and laptop.

Course Research Checklist You always want to do your homework before investing your hard-earned money into an online training course. That’s why we’ve put together this free checklist so that you can make an informed decision as to whether the course is right for you!

Click here to download!  



You probably have a gut feeling right off the bat about which course sounds like a good fit for you, but it doesn’t hurt to sign up for more than one course since they’re completely free.

Now is the time to do some thorough research. You never know – you might be surprised by one. And be sure to check in again if you find the courses you sign up for aren’t the right fit. This page will be updated with more free online courses to start your work-at-home career as new ones become available and are verified as worthwhile courses!