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Free Proofreading Course (And More!): Knowadays Has You Covered!

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Knowadays has a trio of free course samples.

Why try a free proofreading course? Well, are you dreaming of a work-from-home career that can fit into your life and doesn’t have high start-up costs? One that pays well enough to be worth learning specialized skills? If so, you might consider proofreading, editing, or freelance writing (or two of them, or maybe even all three?). 

I have, and I’ve recently taken Knowadays’ free proofreading course. This sample comes from their highly rated course. I’ve also taken the free versions of their freelance writing and editing courses online.

If you’re wondering whether these careers are in-demand, check out this report, which suggests over 5% growth in the proofreader field in the next few years.

Today, I’ll be sharing a quick peek into all three sample courses from Knowadays, which has a 4.8/5 star rating on Trustpilot. I’ll tell you what’s included and how long it might take you to finish each sample course. We’ll also explore the pros and cons for each course.

Knowadays has a free proofreading course - and more!

What Is Knowadays, Anyway?

But first… what makes these Knowadays courses so special? With many options to choose from, why these? There are even free proofreading and editing courses online that offer certification, after all.

As the adage goes, though, you get what you pay for. And this is true for Knowadays courses. When you enroll in any of these courses, you’ll have access to one-on-one tutoring to help you thrive in your learning. All of the tutors are Knowadays graduates. So they know (and sometimes help create!) the course material and the potential trouble spots you might face along the way.

That’s a solid value for courses with modest price tags (all courses are under $1000, including the proofreader/editor bundle, which gives you two full courses for one discounted price).

How Can a Free Proofreading Course Lead to Guaranteed Work?

Knowadays offers something more for graduates of their proofreading, editing, and freelance writing courses online.  

If you score an 80% on the final assignments for both the online proofreading and editing courses, you will be offered a trial employment with Knowadays’ partner company, Proofed. Proofed is a fast-growing company that provides proofreading and editing services. During your trial with them, you will get professional feedback on the shorter documents you work with. Doing well on these can lead to a longer-term freelance opportunity. Plus, you’ll have guidance to help you improve further and build your confidence in your new work.

In other words, you get a shortcut in figuring out where to find proofreading jobs. Do well in the course and during your trial, and Proofed can be your first client!

There’s another option for those who do well on the freelance writing final assignment. I’ll cover that in the course summary below.

So are you ready to learn more? Let’s get started with a summary of the free proofreading course sample!

Knowadays’ Free Proofreading Course: A Review

This course begins with an overview of the course and the opportunities that open to you if you do well. (Note, you need to take both Becoming a Proofreader and Becoming an Editor and score at least 80% on the final assignments to be offered a trial at Proofed).

Next, you’ll dive right into a short proofreading exercise. Once you think you’ve found all the errors, click to see whether you’ve gotten them all. You can repeat the process as many times as you like. When you’ve found all the errors, you’ll have a field of little +1 signs that I found very gratifying!

When you’ve finished with the activity, you move into two lessons pulled directly from Becoming A Proofreader.  

A Free Proofreading Course With Lessons From the Paid Version!

The first lesson comes from Module Two: Proofreading and Editing. It gives a general sense of what proofreading is, how it’s different from editing, and a comparison between traditional and on-screen proofreading. You’ll also learn what skills you’ll use in this field and what types of clients you might work with. 

The second lesson explores working with authors and publishers. We’re not told where this lesson comes from in the course material. However, it’s a dense lesson that will help you understand the differences between working with authors or with publishers, what to expect from each, and why you might need to use different proofreading approaches for different kinds of writing. 

You’ll learn some basic questions to ask before you take on an assignment, and how to deal with being “caught between” an author and their publisher. You will also learn about briefs, style sheets, and the various types of creative writing. This lesson will show you how style, structure, content, and audience affect your proofreading and editing efforts.

There’s a lot of information here, but, at the end of it, you’ll have a much better idea of whether this is a career you might love.

Is Knowadays your path to a future in proofreading, editing, or freelance writing?


  • Easy to understand lessons
  • Clean  and appealing layout
  • Top tips: Ideas to help you in your career
  • Quiz and exercise to test your understanding
  • The lessons are drawn from the actual course material


  • I was left wanting more (a drawback that will probably lead to sales)
  • If you’re just looking for a quick overview, this might be more work than you want to put in
  • Material is only presented in text format. This could be a drawback for people who learn best in other ways (Like video or audio).
  • For each of these courses, you will get email offers for discounts. If you’re bothered by these, it’s best to unsubscribe once you finish the course material.

Some Final Thoughts On Knowadays’ Free Proofreading Course

It’s probably a good idea to devote 3 or 4 hours to this free proofreading course. You may not need all of that time, but you also might want to go back and reread some sections. It’s also better not to rush through the content. There’s a good deal of valuable information included. Giving yourself the time to understand it will help you build a foundation. It will also help you for decide if the full course is for you.

When you’ve made your way through the proofreading exercise and both lessons, you’ll have a basic grounding in what a proofreading career can look like. Because this free proofreading course uses lessons from the Becoming a Proofreader course, you’ll also know whether the teaching style works for you. That’s a huge benefit when deciding how to invest your online learning funds!

Want to check out this free proofreading course sample? Just click the button below!

Okay, Knowadays… How About A Free Online Editing Course?

If you want to become an online editor, and you’re wondering if Knowaday’s Becoming an Editor is right for you, this sample is a great way to find out. This course follows up on the free proofreader course, which gives you a taste of how the online proofreading and editing courses work together, too.

The intro, which presents Becoming an Editor, says that you can be working as a professional editor in as little as four weeks. This course also offers guaranteed work with Proofed if you attain a distinction score on both final assignments (Note: You will need to take both courses to reach this goal).

This course builds on the foundation of Becoming a Proofreader. It offers you the chance to learn about different types of editing, with material for both the beginner and those looking to develop their existing skills.

Get A Real Taste Of The Course with These Lessons!

As in the free proofreading course, you’ll begin with an exercise. Copy it, make your edits, then compare it to the example provided. You’ll see how personal opinion can affect the edits you make to a document.

In the first sample lesson, taken from Module Two: The Editing Landscape, you’ll get an overview of traditional and contemporary editing. You’ll also better understand how AI might affect editing now and in the future. The summary might be short, but there’s a lot of information here!

Knowadays' free editing course builds on the free proofreading course.
Copy of Proofreading Interviews – 3

The second lesson comes from Module Three: Concision, Clarity, and Redundancy. These are the three main aims of editing. You’ll explore samples and get tips on how to accomplish each of these. 

The example texts are interactive and allow you to practice as you learn. You’ll get notes to explain why the course’s edits t were made, so you can learn as you go. Then, you will look at repetitive words, transitions, and excess words. You’ll learn ways to make a piece of writing more concise through organization, tightening, and precision. Plus, you’ll be reassured that you shouldn’t expect to create a perfect edit in only one pass.

Additionally, you’ll see how audience and purpose affect editing, and how editing for clarity and concision is like proofreading. The difference between line and substantive edits is also covered. You’ll learn various ways to deal with ambiguity and how to add and cut for clarity in various forms of writing. Helpful tables are provided to help you wipe out redundancies, too.


  • Tables and interactive examples
  • Clean and attractive presentation
  • An impressive array of information


  • There’s so much information, it’s hard to digest it all in the week allowed
  • All information is presented as text-only, which might be hard for some learners

Some Final Thoughts On Knowadays’ Free Editing Course

You’ll probably want to set aside at least 5 hours for this free online editing course. It’s likely you’ll want to take some notes along the way. I also recommend revisiting it at least once. There’s a wealth of information here, and you’ll very likely need a couple of passes to take it all in (just like editing requires multiple passes).

When you finish this course, you’ll understand some of the basics of becoming an editor. Like Knowadays’ free proofreading course, these lessons come from the paid version. So you’ll already have a head start if you decide to invest in the full Becoming An Editor Course.

Want to try this free course? Click the button below!

But… What If I Want To Write?

The sample freelance writing course for beginners offered by Knowadays uses material from their Becoming A Freelance Writer course. Like the free proofreading and editing courses, the material is solid and abundant.

This is the most involved of the three courses I took. You’ll learn a great deal about freelance writing in this free course.

Something Special For Top Becoming A Freelance Writer Students

Becoming A Freelance Writer also has a work guarantee for those who graduate with a final assignment score of 80% or higher. For this course, you may take a one-off project with the Knowadays content team. You will develop three blog posts for Knowadays, with professional editing feedback for each. You’ll provide a bio and you'll be credited for your content. You will also have three pieces with which to begin your freelance writing portfolio.

And Now… On To Lesson 1!

The first free lesson in this freelance writing course comes from the second module of Becoming a Freelance Writer. You’ll cover what freelance writers do, types of content, and the difference between business-to-business and business-to-client content writing. Then, you’ll explore why businesses need content, and why the focus of this course is on blog and article writing.

The lesson also covers the roles of informing, engaging, and persuading when writing content; as well as building credibility, trust, and brand image. You’ll learn the difference between copywriting and content writing. 

There’s a list of frequently requested content types and questions to ask so you know what your clients are looking for. Additional linked resources are included. You will learn what it means to be a freelancer. A sample workflow is provided, as well as a list of the skills freelance writers need to succeed. You will learn a little about when and how to communicate professionally with your clients, too.

This lesson wraps up with some common questions about freelancing, including earnings potential and the difference between a freelancer and an independent contractor.

Knowadays can make your freelance writing dreams come true!

There’s More! A Second Freelance Writing Course Lesson!

In the second lesson, drawn from module 4 of Becoming a Freelance Writer, you’ll begin to learn how to write clear and concise content. This is accomplished by structuring content logically, making it easy to understand, and aiming for quality over quantity. You’ll get pointers on organizing your sentences and paragraphs, handling transitions, and grammar. Helpful examples are included.

Next, the course covers writing in plain English. There is a discussion on dealing with jargon and technical language, obscure words and abbreviations, ambiguities, and idioms. Then you’ll get a chance to put what you’ve learned to use in a practice exercise.

The third section of this lesson deals with best practices for freelance writers. It includes tips for rhythm and language choices, as well as a few things that will look familiar if you take the free proofreading or editing course before this one. You’ll get some clear guidelines in list form and plenty of examples, too.

Finally, you’ll learn about crafting concise content. You’ll see how to check for redundant or off-tangent information, avoid stating the obvious, and waffling. Need some tips on how to meet word count? You’ll find them here, too. 

There’s also a section that will help you get familiar with some digital writing tools, like Hemingway and ProWritingAid. And you’ll finish things off with another exercise that puts what you’ve learned to the test.


  • This freelance writing course sample is overflowing with information – and it’s free!
  • If you’ve taken the free proofreading or editing courses, you’ll have a head start here
  • The exercises in this course are downloadable, along with the recommended versions. This means you can access them even after your seven-day-trial expires


  • You may find you don’t have enough time to thoroughly absorb this material.
  • As with the other two courses, everything is in text. Those who learn best in other formats may find it more challenging.

Some Final Thoughts On Knowadays’ Freelance Writing Sample Course

You may want to plan on about 10 hours for this freelance writing sample course. It would be a great idea to take some notes so you can remember the information later. Keep in mind that you’re getting actual lessons from the Become A Freelance Writer course, not just teasers.

When you finish this course, you’ll have actionable knowledge to prepare you for a freelance writing career. Obviously, you get much, much more with the full version, but this sample is definitely worth the time!

Want to try this no-charge freelance writing course? Click the button below!

After your free proofreading course, try the proofreading/editing bundle!

Conclusion: Which Knowadays’ Course Is Right For You?

As you can see, Knowadays takes their course samples seriously! From the free proofreading course to the courses for freelance writing and editing, you will get a lot simply for sharing your email address.

When you come to these courses, be prepared to learn. Make sure you’ve got a way to take notes, and maybe have your favorite beverage nearby.

Every one of these courses is full of information you can use whether you purchase the course or not. Even better, the course material is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand way. And the light humor will liven things up as you move through the lessons.

Your biggest decision might be which one (or more!)  of the full courses is right for you!

Want to learn proofreading and editing? Knowadays has the perfect bundle for you! You’ll get Becoming a Proofreader and Becoming an Editor for 15% off the price of buying separately! You can pay in full, or split your payments with Klarna. So, if you’d rather not wait – grab the bundle today!

Have you been looking for a free proofreading course? Have you tried any of the free offerings from Knowadays? Would you like us to review their other free courses? Drop us a comment and share your thoughts! We love reading and responding!

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