Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less Review – Your Roadmap to Building a Freelance Business from Scratch

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Ever wish you could start an online business or side-hustle, but have no clue how? 

In fact, you don’t even know what kind of services to offer? 

Although the world of freelance is vast and exciting, it can also be really confusing and overwhelming without a roadmap.

That’s why freelancers Craig and Kelly Cannings created Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less to help you find your path as a newbie freelancer.

But can this course really give you the tools and skills you need to launch an online freelance business within a month? In this Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less review, we got a firsthand look at the course material to find out.

Name: Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less
Creators: Craig & Kelly Cannings

Introduction to Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less

The world of freelance is a vast and complex one, so Craig and Kelly Cannings created Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less to serve as a 10-step blueprint for building a freelance business from the ground up – the right way.

While Freelance University enrollment generally opens at select periods during the year, Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less is an evergreen course that you can sign up for whenever you are ready. It’s designed to be an ideal starting place for anyone who wants to get their freelancing feet wet. 

Since its inception, Freelance University has helped over 12,000 students launch their own freelance business. 

Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less is designed to be a beginner’s course. It’s also the only Freelance University course that is accessible outside their main platform. (Their primary platform is an annual or monthly membership that offers a myriad of courses on everything from business basics, to advanced workshops on niche skills.) 

30 days freelance freedom
Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less course overview


  • The course focuses on building a strong foundation to help set your business up for success
  • The material is clear and easy to follow 
  • It is ideal for beginners with no previous experience in online business
  • The teacher is knowledgeable with 16 years of experience in freelancing


  • Specific skills are not taught in this course – if you don’t already have the skill you intend to market, you might need to look into additional training
  • Not much ongoing support outside the course material

Course Overview

The course lays out the roadmap you’ll need to follow in order to build a strong foundation for success. Each of the modules address a different aspect of starting a freelance business:

  • Module One: Develop Your Entrepreneur’s Mindset – Assess how ready you are to become a freelancer and learn how to adopt an entrepreneur’s mindset
  • Module Two: Define Your Big Why – A module that drills down on your core motivation for becoming a freelancer and how to use that to design your goals and plans for the business. 
  • Module Three: Discover Your Niche – These lessons help you evaluate your skills, interests, and existing experience to help you choose a profitable niche.
  • Module Four: Build Your Personal Brand – Learn how to choose a business name, tagline, and how to pick the ideal website domain name.
  • Module Five: Build Your Online Presence – Hone in on the ideal online platforms for your business and start building an online presence via Social Media
  • Module Six: Build Your Business Structure and Office – These lessons cover both the back end of your business, like administration and your physical workspace, as well as the client-facing side which entails networking, client work, and marketing.
  • Module Seven: Determine Your Service Rates & Packages – Learn how to package and price your services and establish the best method for collecting payment from your clients.
  • Module Eight: Build Your Success Network – Learn how to find a supportive network using the three “Circles of Support” in your life.
  • Module Nine: Find Your Ideal Client – These lessons cover how to find the perfect prospects and turn them into long term clients.
  • Module Ten: Build Your Personal Productivity System – Practical tips and tools for maximizing your productivity to get more done in less time.
Course Roadmap
Your roadmap to freelance success.

Each module is comprised of several short video lessons with slides that Craig talks you through. There is also a worksheet you can download and print off so that you can take notes as you watch the videos.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for total beginners or anyone who is brand new to online business and wants to make a strong start. It’s the perfect fit for those who know they want to offer a service but they’re not sure what. 

It’s also great for stay-at-home moms (or dads) who are looking for options to bring in income for their families without needing to be bound to a 9-5 work schedule. The course is designed to help you build business that fits in with your schedule and goals!

Slide - Step Three: Select a Profitable Niche.
Slide – Step Three: Select a Profitable Niche.

Who isn’t it for?

It isn’t really for anyone who needs training in a specific marketable skill. (Like bookkeeping or transcription, for example.)

It’s also not a “get-rich-quick” scheme or something that’s going to help you make a few extra bucks overnight. (You’re literally building a business from the ground up!) It’s also not for those who want to sell products instead of a service.

Course Resources

Modules are accompanied by a number of downloadable resources including a guide of the 150 top freelance niches, a personal branding assessment guide, social media checklists, and client referral outreach templates.

Top 150 Freelance Niches Downloadable Guide.
Top 150 Freelance Niches Downloadable Guide.

In my opinion, these resources are the most valuable parts of the course; the templates and guides in particular really help take the guesswork out of what you need to do next.

Student Support

Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less does offer unlimited email support. Beyond that, there is no Facebook group or community offered to the students without enrolling in the parent program, Freelance University. Therefore, if you need more involvement from the trainers you might be better off enrolling in Freelance University. (If you’re interested in learning more about what the FreeU program has to offer, check out our detailed review!)

Educational Qualifications & Skills Required

You don’t need to have any prior freelance experience or a college degree to become a freelancer. However, some characteristics are important to your success, such as:   

  • Being a self-starter: Although the course does come with unlimited email support, there’s nothing in the way of community support so you’ll need to be self-motivated in order to both make it through the course and apply what you learn.
  • Having good time management skills: You will need to find a way to work this course into your busy schedule. Apart from that, a successful freelancer needs to be able to keep tabs on where their time is being spent. 
  • Being persistent: Building a business takes time! You need to be willing to keep working at it for the first few weeks and months before your business efforts start to take flight.
  • Having a strong work ethic: You need to be the kind of person who does things when you say you’re going to do them. This is true not just to be successful with the course, but to be successful with your clients.
Lesson slide addressing mindset.
Lesson slide addressing mindset.

Course Pricing

Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less is available for purchase for a one-time payment of $97 USD. The course also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. (It is presently on sale for $19 – an 80% special discount.)

It’s worth noting that this pricing is competitive compared to similar courses out there which can be more than twice as expensive. 

Final Opinion/summary

How to Build a Freelance Business in 30 Days.

If you’re brand new to the world of online business and have no clue how to get started, Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less is the perfect course for you to take. From there, you can learn to market the skills you already have, or invest in further training to learn the marketable skills that you need to make a living (or a side-income) as a freelancer.

Likewise, if you’re interested in enrolling in Freelance University but not quite sure if it’s the right learning platform for you, taking Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less is a fantastic introduction to what you can expect from FreeU and serves as a springboard for its more in-depth training tracks. 

Final Verdict: Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less is a legitimate course that will help you build a strong foundation for a successful freelance business that you can work on anytime and anywhere.

Are you interested in taking this flagship course over at FreeU? You can click here to sign up and start your freelance career today.

Start a Freelance Business from Home in 30 Days.

Did our Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less review answer your questions? Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything I didn’t cover and I’d be happy to find out for you.

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