Discover 10 Ways to Create Profitable Online Courses (for yourself and your clients)!

Freelance University: Free Workshop May 14th


Now, more than ever, people are spending an increased amount of time at home and looking for their next big project, whether that’s learning a new skill or starting a new side hustle. Businesses are turning to online platforms in order to pivot their strategies and transition into new ways of sharing their products and expertise. Consumers are searching for online learning opportunities to bring home extra income.

Enter: A perfect opportunity for freelancers to help businesses set up, create, and manage online courses. 

In the FREE workshop, you will learn:

  • Ten profitable course creation models that you can use in your business and with your clients
  • A simple method for making money from online courses even before you create them
  • A proven system for quickly creating and producing online courses

Maybe you’ve had dreams of creating your own online course but life has gotten in the way. This FREE workshop is for you! 

Maybe you are currently a VA or Freelancer and want to expand your service offerings- this FREE workshop is for YOU! Tune in and prepare to add course creation to your repertoire.

Sign up today for the FREE workshop “Discover Ten Ways to Create Profitable Online Courses (for yourself and your clients)!” Thursday, May 14th at 1pm PDT (4pm EDT).