How Do I Check My Website Ranking?

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As a newbie blogger or business owner, it can be intimidating to learn SEO. But if you've ever wondered how well you're even ranking, this free tool is a quick and easy way to find out!​Are you just building your first website? Do you wonder if it even exists on the Google radar? Or are you an experienced website builder who needs to know the exact position of your site in Google in order to tweak your campaign? Are you trying to find out the site rank of your competitors to figure out what you are up against? Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I check my website ranking?”

Most of us Google “website ranking” and get all sorts of results:

  • Lots of free results for page rank, which don’t help much
  • Sites offering to give you tips on improving the SEO of your site
  • Google Webmaster which does give the average rank over a period of time, but only for keywords they generate

Does any of this offer quick help? Not really.

So is there a simple solution?

Actually there is. It is just that it is hidden in a keyword tool called Jaaxy. Jaaxy is an awesome keyword research platform that has many features including a website ranking tool and a site analysis tool. You can find out your site rank with 2 clicks of the mouse:

  1. Click on the Site Rank tab inside Jaaxy.
  2. Type in your keyword and site URL, and click on Search.

Jaaxy - Find my site rank

Jaaxy thinks for a few seconds and voila, you have your site rank right in front of you (assuming it is within the first 20 pages of Google.)

You can check any or all of your keywords. And if you check them again the next day or week, it will show you your new position along with whether your position has gone up or down.

Pretty neat!

Jaaxy - Find my website rank

And your next question – How Can I get into Jaxxy?

That is simple too. Jaaxy has a free (limited) version which allows 30 keyword searches (or more specifically, 30 actions.) So if you want to take a look, type one of your keywords into the search box below.

Sign up for a free account, head towards the Site Rank Tab and you are set to go! You can check the rank of your own site, your competitor's site or any site you might just be curious about.

Now for Bonus #2:

Besides finding your rank, you can also do a search analysis of any keyword in Google, Bing or Yahoo. What does this mean?

It means that if you click on Search and then Search Analysis, you can type a keyword into the search box and see the top ten websites for that keyword in Google, Bing or Yahoo. Not only can you see these sites, you have access to the SEO information about them as shown below:

Jaaxy - Search analysis example

Did you say you wanted to check your website ranking? Go ahead! Enter Jaaxy through the free search option above or join Jaaxy here, see what you find out about your site and what other golden nuggets are hiding within Jaaxy !

If you've used this before or tried it now, please feel free to tell the rest of us about your experiences below!


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14 thoughts on “How Do I Check My Website Ranking?”

  1. Great post. I am using Jaaxy and it is really a great tool. Yet I never tried the Site Rank feature. I will try it now.

    1. Oh, please do! It is actually quite exciting to be able to just click and see your rank – no tables or graphs to interpret and figure out where you stand. Just a simple rank number!


  2. I have heard of Jaaxy before and have used it for the first 30 free searches. It was very helpful and I would say the full membership is well worth the money. It gives you a lot more information that the regular search results you will find in the search engines.

    Good information .. thanks for sharing!


    1. Yes, Chris, it definitely does give a lot more information than regular search results. And it is worth the money. There is another thing I like about it: if you aren’t planning to use it for a while, you can cancel your subscription (at the end of your usual cycle) and start it up again when you need it without loosing the saved lists in your account. A wonderful feature!


  3. Hi Robbin, I LOVE this post! It’s sooo informative yet to the point. I find so often than posts are long-winded with a lot of unnecessary stuff but you have given me the perfect answer to a question I was seeking! Thank you very much, Jaaxy sounds like the BIZ and I shall check it out further! 🙂
    All the best, Janice.

  4. Jaaxy sounds like a really great product. I need to seriously consider getting myself an account. I have also heard other good reports about the product from website owners.

  5. Hi Robin-“How Do I Check My Website Ranking” is well written and easy to follow. This is important information for all you are relating here. Jaaxy is a great tool to check website ranking as well as keywords and a must for anyone looking to improve their ranking on Google. Nicely done and I look forward to your future informative articles!

    All the best-Tom

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