How Do I Check My Website Ranking? — 14 Comments

  1. Great post. I am using Jaaxy and it is really a great tool. Yet I never tried the Site Rank feature. I will try it now.

    • Oh, please do! It is actually quite exciting to be able to just click and see your rank – no tables or graphs to interpret and figure out where you stand. Just a simple rank number!


  2. I have heard of Jaaxy before and have used it for the first 30 free searches. It was very helpful and I would say the full membership is well worth the money. It gives you a lot more information that the regular search results you will find in the search engines.

    Good information .. thanks for sharing!


    • Yes, Chris, it definitely does give a lot more information than regular search results. And it is worth the money. There is another thing I like about it: if you aren’t planning to use it for a while, you can cancel your subscription (at the end of your usual cycle) and start it up again when you need it without loosing the saved lists in your account. A wonderful feature!


  3. Hi Robbin, I LOVE this post! It’s sooo informative yet to the point. I find so often than posts are long-winded with a lot of unnecessary stuff but you have given me the perfect answer to a question I was seeking! Thank you very much, Jaaxy sounds like the BIZ and I shall check it out further! 🙂
    All the best, Janice.

  4. Jaaxy sounds like a really great product. I need to seriously consider getting myself an account. I have also heard other good reports about the product from website owners.

  5. Hi Robin-“How Do I Check My Website Ranking” is well written and easy to follow. This is important information for all you are relating here. Jaaxy is a great tool to check website ranking as well as keywords and a must for anyone looking to improve their ranking on Google. Nicely done and I look forward to your future informative articles!

    All the best-Tom

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