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How Does Virtual Bookkeeping Work?: Interview With Full-Time Virtual Bookkeeper, Jackie Snaza

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Jackie Snaza, President of Lakeview Business Solutions
Jackie Snaza, Owner of Lakeview Business Solutions

The latest interview in our work-at-home spotlight series is with Jackie Snaza, owner of Lakeview Business Solutions LLC and graduate of Bookkeeper Launch. With a background in accounting, bookkeeping was a logical choice for her virtual business and one she has enjoyed.

But how does virtual bookkeeping work? In this interview, Jackie shares a little about how she got started with bookkeeping, what she does for her clients, and how she grew her home side hustle into a full-time career.

She also shares some practical wisdom to keep in mind if you’re considering a career as a virtual bookkeeper. 

Jackie, can you describe a little of your background and how you got started working from home?

I originally went to school for accounting just out of high school. I worked for large companies doing basic accounting and payroll responsibilities.  I really wanted to own my own business and have both time and financial freedom.

As a single mom, I wanted as much time with my kids as they got older as possible.  I worked part-time and started my bookkeeping business on the side for many years. I now have a full-time at-home bookkeeping business and am enjoying the time and financial freedom I wanted!

How did you end up choosing bookkeeping as your business?

I think bookkeeping chose me. I do have a couple of years of accounting post-high school but once I started working in various positions, I found it was what I was good at and I enjoyed doing. I started learning more about the software out there and realized it was a great fit for me.

As a bookkeeper do you mainly just keep your client's financial records straight or is there more to it than that?

For the most part, I keep the records categorized and reconciled so yes, I keep the records straight. However, I try to go above and beyond and offer more reporting and other services of value so they realize my worth as an integral part of their business.

What is the best part of working from home?

Freedom is the best part!  Having my own schedule and being able to enjoy other things is the best part for sure.

Do you feel that bookkeeping is a realistic work-from-home career for moms or dads?

Yes, it is.  You have the flexibility to work when the kids are at school or asleep. You have to be focused and dedicated to making it work because working at home is not for everyone, but it is definitely something that should be considered if you want to work from home and have time for your family.

Virtual Bookkeepers can work from home on their own schedule.
Virtual Bookkeepers can work from home on their own schedule.

What kind of skills do you need to be a successful bookkeeper?

I recommend the Bookkeeper Launch training. You need to learn software such as QBO, you need to be detail-oriented, you should be good with reconciling and digging in to find the solutions if something is out of balance.  

And of course, you need to do some sort of marketing so you can acquire your clients. Bookkeeper Launch teaches all of this and that is why I recommend it to anyone that asks.

How do you go about finding bookkeeping clients?

For me, I put myself out there. I talk to everyone…hairdresser, nail tech, other parents, banker, school teachers, friends, and family.  Tell them about your business. Announce your new business on social media, create a business page on FB or Instagram.

Also, join platforms like LinkedIn and Alignable. For me, I have two clients from Alignable that I don’t think I would have gotten without it.  You can network in your community and in BNI groups as well. There are many ways to get clients.

Do you work from home exclusively, or is it a side hustle?

This started as a side hustle for me and now am working from home full-time. I still occasionally help out my former employer but that is on my terms and my schedule.

Do you think bookkeeping can be a profitable work-from-home career? Has it allowed you to achieve your own financial goals?

Yes, it supports my family and my home. I make enough money to sustain a great life and save for my future at the same time. You do need to be committed to making it work and constantly marketing yourself.

Working full-time from home is possible! This single mom found a way to start her own home bookkeeping business to spend more time with family and work on her own terms!What advice do you have for moms or dads who are considering working as a bookkeeper from home?

I would recommend they check out Bookkeeper Launch first, but they need to really look at themselves and make sure they can be committed to the work and focused on growing their own business.  The rewards are amazing: financial and time freedom, working from home, more time with family/kids and the flexibility to set your own hours.

On the other side, they need to also make sure they can find affordable insurance not through an employer so that is another consideration for moms/dads to make sure their family is protected.

Thank you Jackie!

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