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How Good is Bookkeeper Launch? A Chat With Graduate Holly Ferris

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Grad Holly Ferris answers: "How good is Bookkeeper Launch?"

So, just how good is Bookkeeper Launch?

Can you imagine having a a work-from-home business that fits your life? One that paid an average salary over $45,000 a year in September of 2022? And one that's in high demand, because more people are retiring than entering the field?

What if I told you that this career actually exists – and it's digital bookkeeping? What if I also told you that Bookkeeper Launch can help you learn everything you need to go from completely inexperienced to a professional with clients you love working with? That you'll be ready to market and grow your business without sales-y gimmicks, and with all the systems, templates, and mindset shifts you need to thrive?

Would you believe me if I told you how good Bookkeeper Launch is? (You can read my beginner's review here, or, if you want more details, check out my fully updated Bookkeeper Launch 4.0 version review).

But why should you just take my word for it? Sure, I've done my research. But since I'm not a bookkeeper myself, today I'm bringing you my 2017 interview with Holly Ferris, who is a virtual bookkeeper and a Bookkeeper Launch graduate.

Holly Ferris is a long time business owner who needed a change. Ben Robinson's bookkeeping course, Bookkeeper Launch, gave her the opportunity to change directions and enhance her skills and interests. She is now the owner of Keeper In Balance, an online bookkeeping firm just for savvy creative women entrepreneurs, in addition to her previous business.

In this interview, Holly shares some of her experiences with the Bookkeeper Launch course, and how it has influenced her life.

Hi, Holly!

Would you mind starting with a bit of background on what led you to start a virtual bookkeeping business?

I’ve been a business owner for over 15 years. Last year, around June/July 2016 I got the itch to do something different. I started researching business options that would give me a tool I could use to help the creative entrepreneurs I desired to work with. I was confident that bookkeeping and profit strategy would be a valuable tool for this market so I set out to find the best training I could.

Why did you zero in on bookkeeping and profit strategy?

I had several entrepreneurial friends ask me “Who does your bookkeeping?” When opportunity knocks, you open the door. And from my own experience as a business owner. Just because we are business owners, and just because some of us DIY the books, it doesn't make us bookkeepers. I knew I needed to understand my own business and my numbers, but I also understand that as business owners we didn't get into our business to do the books. Profit strategy is a natural progression in this business. The bookkeeper of today isn't here to just reconcile your accounts. We also need to be strategic and add value to our clients' bottom line.

How good is Bookkeeper Launch at preparing you to run a thriving virtual bookkeeping business? Graduate Holly Ferris answers my questions.
Holly Ferris answers the question, “How good is Bookkeeper Launch at preparing you to run a thriving virtual bookkeeping biz?”

You said you were looking for the best training. How did you decide that Bookkeeping Launch was a good course for you?

I watched the 3 free introductory videos but I still wasn’t totally convinced that it was right for me. I had several follow-up emails with Ben and his team before I took the plunge. The team at Bookkeeper Launch is responsive and supportive, so I knew I was in good hands.

Had you looked into many other courses? What aspect of Ben's course tipped the tables for you and convinced you how good Bookkeeper Launch was?

I looked at a few others courses but they all felt like “get rich quick” courses. Anything too good to be true usually is just that. Ben's course expresses from the top: YOU must do the work. YOU must take action. This course offers the knowledge you need to build a successful bookkeeping practice. But YOU are still accountable. YOU still need to do the work.

What did you hope to achieve by taking the course?

I took the course to quickly and thoroughly get a grasp on bookkeeping knowledge. Although I am a business owner of 15 years I did not have bookkeeping experience. I thought this knowledge would be the most valuable to my new client base.

How good is Bookkeeper Launch, really? Have you achieved that or are you definitely on your way to achieving that?

Yes! I’m still learning every day but the course definitely prepared me for bookkeeping in the real world. First with my own business and now with my four clients. And I know I’m never alone. If there is a bookkeeping puzzle that comes up in my business I know I have the support of the student community at Bookkeeper Launch to help me navigate those questions.

How good is Bookkeeper Launch? Graduate and bookkeeper Holly Ferris explains how it helped her make a great career change.

I understand the course emphasizes mindset and work-life balance. Were these portions helpful for you in spite of your previous business experience?

Absolutely! If I've learned anything over 15 years plus of business, YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING! And the mindset is the biggest part of the puzzle for me. I really think Ben nails this with his teaching style and all the mindset content he offers.

What aspects of the course were the most beneficial in terms of reaching your aim?

For me, the bookkeeping knowledge. But the marketing training is pretty amazing too! Ben has partnered with some of the best when it comes to crafting your message and getting it in front of the right people. I went into this wanting to learn bookkeeping to bring it to a creative market and I left with marketing knowledge I never used before!

How has taking this course affected your life overall? Was Bookkeeper Launch worth it?

Taking this course was absolutely worth it! I’ve learned a lot and gained more confidence by taking this course. Although I am a business owner of 15 plus years I never had the confidence to understand my own numbers. Now I’m sharing that knowledge with clients that inspire me every day. And, I have the wonderful support of the Bookkeeper Launch community. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times. Being part of this community is worth the price of admission!

Thank you, Holly!

If you find beauty in numbers and balanced accounts, Bookkeeper Launch might be the perfect course for you!
If you find beauty in numbers and balanced accounts, Bookkeeper Launch might be the perfect course for you!

Conclusion: How Good is Bookkeeper Launch?

So, is Bookkeeper Launch legit? At the end of 2022, more than 15,000 students have enrolled in Bookkeeper Launch. Bookkeepers.com, Ben Robinson's company, has an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau and is a BBB Accredited Business. A scan through the Bookkeeper reviews there or on Reddit can give you a clearer idea if you need one.

Is this intriguing? Itching for more information? We've done interviews with several other Bookkeeper Launch graduates who can also answer the question “Just how good is Bookkeeper Launch?”

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Any questions OR thoughts about whether online bookkeeping might be a career change for you? Still not sure how good Bookkeeper Launch is? Join the discussion below, If I don't have the answers you need; I'll do my best to find them!

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