How to Find Your Place in the Work-at-Home Market — 10 Comments

  1. Knowing your strengths, weakness, and what you truly enjoy doing are key to helping determine what type of at-home business is right for you. It does take some soul-searching if you are not in a place mentally where you know yourself well.

    You have written a really good article that should help anyone, whether they are truly familiar with their true selves or not, to get started. The only thing I might add is that sometimes you need to find creative ways to combine interests in order to fing the right path.

    • Good point about finding creative ways to combine interests to find the right path! It’s definitely not a straight path and a little creativity goes a long way 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading the post how to find your place in the work at home space. And one point that I picked up on is that read reviews and read/watch interviews. A priceless piece of advice Stephanie. I am aware of several people who jumped straight into an “Opportunity” because it sounded great. However, they didn’t research the “Offer” Properly. Obviously, they fell foul in one way or another.

    Also, dare to DREAM. I agree, as there is nothing wrong with doing that. In my opinion, it helps you strive to achieve your goals.

    Great post


    • Great idea to read reviews and read/watch interviews! Learning from the experiences of others can really help narrow down if an opportunity is a good fit.

  3. I have never seen anyone communicate the idea of self evaluation quite like the way that you have done here.

    I found your explanations to be refreshingly honest and clear, especially the examples of past businesses which failed mainly because you thought you knew what it was that you wanted.

    And that is the key: Knowing what you want, and not thinking that you know.

    That is a huge difference, because when you have to work on a business for a long period of time you need to “like” your business. Nothing worse than trying to write a novel when you want to be a pianist!

    • Thank you for your feedback. You’re right. The distinction is truly knowing what you want. Sometimes figuring it out takes trying several different things, then keeping your eyes open to which things light you up and motivate you…and which things don’t.

  4. I have been blogging and even had my hand in writing for many years. I have long considered taking a freelance writing course. Like you, I have hesitated. I like the idea of the money back guarantee. It can only improve your skills right, and better situate your place in the work at home market? I am always looking for ways to advance myself even when it is a home based business. Your article is full of great tips, useful advice, and I think I will finally take the next step. Do the course!

    • Hi Christina!

      I’m so glad you found the article to be helpful and that you are taking the next step. Investing in yourself is so important and so worth it!

  5. Thank you, everything you have said here reinforces what I thought to be true.. Especially the part about dreaming and believing because I think very often we tell ourselves a story about what’s possible based on what other people have told us is possible. And as well meaning as that is, that is there story… right? Understanding your purpose and what drives you and the people you are meant to serve, makes everything easier. From setting goals to doing research! Great Post! Thank you.

    • Thank you Wendalina! Yes; it’s amazing what is possible when you start thinking about it and taking action towards it!

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