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How to Make Money with Fiverr

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In my previous post, I said that you can earn an income online with Fiverr. But then I was asked, “But how?” How? How to make money with Fiverr? It takes effort, and persistence and the time to learn how if you have no familiarity with Fiverr. But it is possible.

(I wrote this a few years ago. So the images/screenshots may look different, but the basic ideas of how to proceed remain more or less the same.)

Here are some tips:

First of all, Explore Fiverr:

  • Look around at the categories and gigs
  • Click on ‘Create a Gig' and click through the steps just to get an idea of where you are headed (Fill in any information just to go through the steps – but make sure not to publish it at the end! As long as you don’t publish it, Fiverr than suspends it and then you can delete it.)
  • Make a list of the things you might want to learn more about, for example, making a short video or keywords

Then scroll down to the bottom of Fiverr the page and:

  • Look around the Fiverr blog – you can see how people have succeeded, get ideas for gigs, how to be more creative, how to use social media to promote your gig and much more
  • Read the Fiverrs terms of service (at least up to the buyer portion) – it answers a lot of questions
  • Join the Fiverr Forum – you can search and/or ask questions (Click on the ‘Fiverr Connect' button and then ‘Start a New Discussion'. Then along the top menu, ‘My Activity' tab will store all your discussions for further reference)
  • Skim through the seller topics to get an general idea of things
  • Add any other things to your list of things you want to learn more about before you dive in
Helpful topics to read on the Fiverr page

To get started with your first gig:

  • Know that your first gig is a learning experience
  • Make a list of all the different types of things you know how to do
  • Go through that list – from a buyers perspective – and decide which of those skills could be the base for a gig
  • Make sure that the topic is something you like, know a lot about, can easily explain the value of and that you won’t get bored repeating
  • Be creative
  • It is a fact that having a unique gig, including video and giving clear descriptions and instructions go a long way
  • Now that you have started really working on your gig, go back and look at other successful gigs to get ideas and inspiration (not to copy)
  • If you haven’t already, go to settings and update your public profile – people are much more willing to buy from someone they know a bit about
Profile settings on Fiverr

Once you have your gig published, promote it

  • Tell family and friends about it (they can give you credibility – others will be more inclined to buy from a seller who has had some buyers rather than no buyers)
  • Share it on social media, on blogs and on forums
  • Promote it on your website if you have one
  • Don’t expect that people will just magically find out about it

When you get buyers:

  • Communicate clearly with them and treat them courteously
  • Consider sending each buyer a “Received order and working on” message when you receive their order
  • Complete orders on time or ahead of time. If by chance there is a delay, inform the buyer of the new expected time of completion
  • Give the buyers a bit more than they expect – they will then come back and spread your name for you

In the beginning, you may think that all that work is worth more than $5, but until you have made a name for yourself, isn't that a way to prove yourself?

Finally, know that you are the boss here, you are an independent business owner – it is all up to you. If you have a bit of experience in marketing, promoting or business it will help. Otherwise use the forum and blog to its maximum to gain the knowledge you need.

Do you think you will end up making anything off this first gig? Maybe you will, maybe you won't. But either way, won't you learn a lot of things along the way? So take your new knowledge and go full steam ahead! There is always the second, the third and however many more you create. And of course you can always tweak this one based on what you learned. So what are you waiting for?

Stay-at-home-moms are probably thinking, “Creating gigs for Fiverr? This will take more time than I have. How is it something for me?” That it will take time – that is true. But if you work on it little by little, eventually can't it take shape? And if it is something you enjoy, then why not?

If you have had any experiences with Fiverr, feel free to share them below!


  1. Hi,
    I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put into writing this blog. I’m hoping the same high-grade website posts from you in the upcoming days as well. In fact your creative writing abilities have inspired me to get my own blog now. Really blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a great example of it.
    Jim Fox

    1. So glad you like it, Jim. 🙂
      I strive to be thorough and honest in my reviews and to provide other information that is inspirational and useful for others who want to be able to work from home.

  2. Thank you for this info. I like your part about communicating clearly with buyers. This is more important than most people realize.

    1. Yes, the way you interact with buyers can make or break a business. I think a lot of people don’t realise that. Any customer who is regarded and clearly communicated with will be a lot more satisfied. This in turn leads to more sales. 🙂


  3. I actually know of a friend that makes money off Fiverr helping with web designs, banners and other related stuff. The hardest part of this is actually when starting out as you have no reviews. But by doing the things you mention, I am sure getting over the initial hurdle is much easier.

    1. Yes, getting sales started is the hardest part – you don’t know if no one has seen you enough yet or if your gig isn’t good enough or… Once you get past that hurdle, things generally get easier.


  4. I really like your site. Its informative. I also like the fact that you write in a way that doesn’t make me feel stupid or ready to move on. I’ll be looking over your site from time to time. As a SAHM I am ALWAYS looking for a central location to learn different ways to earn an income from home. I like that you are realistic and explain it to me in a way I can easily understand. Nice job!

    1. I always feel that there is so much left to learn – whatever stage you are at. So just explain whatever you do know and keep learning!


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