Is Scoping for Court Reporters a Rewarding Career for Stay-at-Home Moms? — 2 Comments

  1. I am intrigued. 🙂 This sounds like it might be a good fit for me. But I have a few questions:
    How long does it take to complete the scoping course?
    How much time would I need to spend on the course each day?
    Can I do it at my own pace or are there time restrictions to complete the course work?

    I’m trying to find the right thing I can do from home so that I can be with my kids as they grow up and not realise one day that they are grown up and I missed it all!

    Thanks, Valerie

    • Hi, Valerie –

      If you can spend 15-20 hours/week studying, you should be able to finish in six months or less and start making your money back. When you compare that length of time and the cost of learning scoping to getting a college degree, scoping looks pretty darn good!

      Internet Scoping School is done at the student’s pace. I have had students who were not working and spent several hours per day studying who finished in three months. The six-month timeline allows for the fact that most people work full time and fit studying in around their job.

      I started working from home as a scopist when my 31-year-old daughter was an infant and have done so ever since. I just love it! If you enjoy language and want to work from home, scoping is awesome!

      Let me know if you have more questions. Maybe you’ve just found your perfect new career!

      Linda Evenson

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