Is Work-At-Home School the Training You’ve Been Looking For? — 6 Comments

      • Would I only have to pay the difference between the 2?

        I would really love to work from home since I have an autistic son and I need to be home for his therapist to come to our house for his sessions. Unfortunately, I never finished college and I haven’t a clue what I would like to do now. Do you still think this course would work for me as long as I work the course?

        • Personally Liz, I think if you are willing to put in the effort and time, it can work for you. Have you signed up for the free summit yet? You don’t have to pay a pie to take part in the summit and you get life long access to it. There is plenty of information in the form of lectures (or you can read the transcripts), work books and more to help you decide what kind of work you want to do from home and then how to learn the required skills.

          You only pay if you want to actually get admission to the WAHS so you can start taking courses. The free summit itself has enough information for you to decide if you want to join. I was blown away with all the information that has recently been added and including helping you get the mindset that will help you succeed. And yes, you only pay the difference if you upgrade (which means getting access to more info.)

          Let me know if you have any other questions,

  1. It really is simple and I wish my school had really emphasized this. Skills are important. If you know how to do something you’re instantly valuable. I’m glad resources like this are available for those wanting a better life and to be their own boss. It just sucks being unemployed, with all the free time in the world but no money.

    • Yes, Greg. It is pretty incredible how much you can achieve even with one skill if you know how to market it (or market yourself.) I really agree with your statement that if you know how to do something you are instantly valuable. Many people don’t realize this and hence don’t make the best out of what they have and what they can do.

      Skills + Action = Success!!


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