Legal Transcription Career Basics: Interview with Janet Shaughnessy — 4 Comments

  1. Very interesting interview on working as a legal transcriptionist from home. I am amazed – I thought you would need schooling and degree to do this type of work. I also never realized there was such a high demand for this career. You answered just about every question possible someone would think of asking in this interview. This looks like an interesting career to look into…

    One question though: You said that the course equips you with the skills to get your own clients or work for a larger company. Which is the better option?

    • Though you don’t need a degree, you do need to be taught the required skills. Simply knowing how to type won’t get you clients or a job! 🙂 The nice thing about Janet’s course is that it is all-inclusive. She teaches the transcription skills along with marketing skills so that you not only know the trade, but have the know-how to get work.

      This leads to your question which you would actually have to answer yourself. It really depends on you – whether you prefer to have a boss or be a boss, whether you have the discipline to work on your own from home, whether you enjoy marketing your skills, etc

      Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Robin,

    Excellent information! It seems like a good route to go if you want to learn this potentially profitable business at your own pace. I work with Doctors and know how important a good transcriptionist is. Although this course does not include medical transcription, it does teach speed and efficiency, which are 2 aspects I hear from the doctors that are most important.

    Excellent review, thank you for the information.


    • Glad you liked it, Rachel.
      General and legal transcription seem to be more in demand than medical transcription these days. Janet herself has done medical transcription, but hasn’t developéd a course for it so far as the other two streams seem to provide many more opportunities. That said if you have the skills to market yourself, and are good at what you do, you can usually profit in any of these fields.


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