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Need Some New Work-At-Home Skills? Get Horkey HandBook Courses for Less!

Back to school season is a perfect time to upgrade your work-at-home skills. Or, if you’ve been freelancing for a while, to level up your existing biz. If you’ve been thinking about picking up a new skill or specializing in your work-at-home business, this could be the perfect time to act.

Horkey Handbook is offering 15% off all their flagship and skills courses for only three days:  Monday, September 28 through Wednesday, September 30.

This discount is good on all of the pay-in-full options of Horkey HandBook's courses listed below.  
(Note: Podcast Production School isn’t currently open for enrollment, so isn’t included in this sale.)

Keep reading for links to all the great work-at-home tools in the form of great courses and skill trainings.

With this sale, you get a wide range of work-at-home tool options:

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success – This is the first course Gina offered. You’ll gain valuable information to choose the type of writing you want to offer as well as practical how-tos. Try the 200 freelance writing niches here, too! 

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success – is Gina’s comprehensive training for virtual assistants. You’ll build your business while moving through the course, and be ready to take on clients by the time you finish. Want a sample? Try these 150 VA services to offer.

Email Management for Virtual Assistants – One of the most in-demand services a VA can offer is email management. All businesses get it, and many small-biz owners don’t have the time or inclination to deal with it. This course will set you up to handle the task and make good money doing it.

Project Management for Virtual Assistants – Have a knack for handling multi-step processes? Love setting up systems? Adapt well to changing circumstances? Are you a natural leader? This might be the course for you! Interested in how this looks in real life? Read our interview with PMVA Hailey Thomas.

Real Estate for Virtual Assistants – Gina teams up with Diana Sweeney and Dan Frank to help you turn your flair for organization and customer service into a marketable business helping real estate agents. Stop watching those house-flipping shows, and start earning an income!

Virtual Assistant Agency – Ready to take on more clients than you can handle on your own? If you’ve got a waiting list twice as long as your client roster, this course will take you from solopreneur VA to agency owner. This interview with Mallory Underwood will give you more info.

And the brand-new Social Media for Virtual Assistants – Many business owners know they need help with social media. Whether you’re a brand-new VA looking for a niche, or you’re already in business, but looking to niche down or offer an additional service to your clients, this course has you covered with all the essentials. Plus, you’ll develop skills while improving your own social media – so there’s an added bonus of more visibility for you, as well.

You’ll get a solid grounding in the top six social media platforms and how to use this to help businesses build a profitable online presence. You’ll learn how to set your rates, and get lots of extras, too.

By the time you complete this work-at-home course, you’ll have all the tools you need offer social media services with confidence! And last, (but not least!) students can join the private VA Leads Community Facebook group ($1 for the first 30 days, and $33 per month after that). There, you’ll have direct access to the Horkey Handbook team, current students and alumni, and office hours.

Have you  decided which skills you want in your work-at-home toolbox?

Then visit the appropriate link from our list above and enter coupon code
15%EOM0920 between Monday, September 28 – Wednesday, September 30 to take advantage of this deal!