Paid Blogger Opportunities – Sophie’s Revised Ultimate List

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Do you want to know where can you find well-paid blogger opportunities?

The Ultimate List of Better Paid Blogging Gigs 2014

Or how you can effectively approach blog sites to submit your articles?

Or how do you make a good impression on editors to get noticed?

Sophie Lizard’s revised 2014 list has all this and more. In her Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blog Gigs 2014, Sophie provides 64 sites that pay $50 or more per submission. So if you want to get paid blogging, this free list is has a treasure of information.

UPDATE: (August 2021)

Sophie has updated her previous lists and now has an Ultimate List of Better-paid Blogging Gigs. You can read it along with several other useful things here.

What is in Sophie’s Ultimate list?

To find out what Sophie’s list is, you can read about it in my first post about her 2013 Ultimate list. This year she has revised the list, adding more sites and more links to posts on how to get started blogging. She gives detailed information about each site as shown below:

Meaning of Listings in Sophie Lizard's 2014 Ultimate List
Meaning of Listings

How can it be useful to you?

It can be useful if you:

  • Have knowledge you would like to share
  • Enjoy writing and would like to do it in your spare time
  • Would like to start working on something part-time that can become full-time when the children are older
  • Want to know how to get started blogging
  • Want to find blogging sites that pay well
  • Want to know how to approach editors in order to get positive results
  • Want tips on writing
  • Want access to an active forum of bloggers and want-to-be bloggers
  • Want access to Sophie Lizard herself – she is willing to answer questions and help out
  • And more!

How can you get The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blog Gigs 2014?

If you just want the list, you can read it here.

If you want the list, a toolkit of money-making resources as well as access to her site, you can get it here.

You will be required to provide your e-mail address. Personally I think it is worth it since her follow up e-mails are also full of tons of helpful information and advice. But… if you just want the list with nothing else, you can easily unsubscribe from her mailing list in the very first e-mail you receive from her. It is up to you.

Is this for you?

That is for you to decide. But if it sounds interesting, just download the list (it is free) and take a look.

Is it an Anywhere and Anytime opportunity?

Definitely! The choices are yours – you can write one blog or many. You can look around at your own pace and apply for gigs based on your own schedule.

Top 3 Recommendations

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2 thoughts on “Paid Blogger Opportunities – Sophie’s Revised Ultimate List”

  1. I believe that one way to improve our blogging business is to connect with other bloggers and to check out what’s buzzing on their site. It can give you more ideas on what to write and ways to improve on your blogging site. Btw, I have just joined Sophie. Thanks for sharing the information.

    1. I agree, Cathy. And if you get to know other bloggers – I mean build relationships with them, you will often be able to blog on eachothers’sites and increase your reader base. I’m glad you found the information useful.

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