Review on a Free Proofreading Course from Proofread Anywhere — 6 Comments

  1. Hi there! I find this website extremely useful for someone in my situation. I am currently a college student and proofreading is a big part of my curricular. I looks like this course may have some great tips and facts that I can learn from and implement into my own writing!

  2. Hi Robin,
    Well this seems like a good intro to proofreading. The fact that it is free also helps! It seems like the creator is honest that the full online course would be required to be able to apply the skills and that even then it would require time and effort. That honesty, in my eyes, increases her credibility.

    • Yes, Emily, Caitlin is very straightforward about the facts. She is really aiming to help people develop into great proofreaders, not just sell her course. In fact, she really doesn’t want people to join who are just looking at the possible income you can make from this career. It is refreshing!

  3. Interesting option – I’ve been looking into proofreading for a while and this could well be the stating point I was looking for. Shame it’s only an introduction. But it’s a start anyway. How deep do these initial lessons go?
    Thanks for sharing,

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