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Review on a Free Proofreading Course from Proofread Anywhere

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One of the most lucrative ways to make money as a stay-at-home mom is as a proofreader. Do you have what it takes to proofread for money? This free course by Proofreadanywhere.com aims to give you an introduction to what proofreading is about and how to get started. Here are our honest thoughts on this free introductory course. #workfromhomemom #coursereviews #makemoneyonline #homebusiness

Are you interested in proofreading? Working remotely? Working around your home schedule so you can spend time with the kids? Finding opportunities to do this? See if this review on a free proofreading course from Proofread Anywhere gives you any ideas!

Name: Free Proofreading Course from Proofread Anywhere
Website: Proofread Anywhere Free Course Signup
Creator: Caitlin Pyle


This free proofreading course, put together by Caitlin Pyle, provides some basic tips and advice on general proofreading. It also gives an introduction to court transcript proofreading, a proofreading niche that many of us haven’t even heard of. The course is actually a 7-day email course, each day covering a particular point.

Caitlin's free 7 day course
Caitlin makes you think!

This course isn’t the type that teaches you the ins and outs of a particular skill, but more the type that makes you think, analyze, and see what is what. A unique aspect of this course is that despite being a free course, Caitlin actively engages in communication with every person that emails her with questions regarding the course and proofreading.


  • The course gives some good tips and advice on general proofreading
  • It gives a thorough introduction to court transcript proofreading
  • It shows a different type of proofreading that many people are not aware of
  • It can help give direction to your proofreading career
  • Caitlin encourages questions and answers all of them


  • It is just an introduction – readers have to remember that

Free Proofreading Course from Proofread Anywhere Overview

This short 7-day course starts with a preview and ends with a recap. In between Caitlin uses the emails themselves as well as posts from ProofreadAnywhere.com to expand on her points. She points out common mistakes that proofreaders make, allowing you to take a quiz and providing a list of commonly misused words. She then reveals 3 of the biggest mistakes freelance proofreaders make and how to prevent these. She also suggests 7 ways that general proofreaders can market their skills.

The lessons contain lots of additional resources including a bonus section on how to improve your wordsmith skills, and a spelling challenge.

Court transcript proofreading course
Is court transcript proofreading for you?

In the course of all this, she reveals how focusing on a particular niche in proofreading, such as court transcript proofreading, can make things easier in terms of excelling in a particular area. It can also reduce the need for excessive marketing.

She gives examples of how even newbies can start to get clients and make an income proofreading court transcripts. She doesn’t show you how – that can’t realistically be covered in such a short course. That she saves for the end of her full online course when you have mastered the skills you need to satisfy the clients you get. But she shows you examples of people who have started to do it in the span of a couple of months and the mind-frame that will help you succeed in that. She also addresses the fear aspect that many of us experience when trying to decide whether or not to tread a new path.

Who is Free Proofreading Course from Proofread Anywhere For?

It is for anyone who wants to get an idea about the possibilities of proofreading in general and the increased opportunities by focusing on a particular proofreading niche.

It is ideal for stay-at-home moms, retired people or anyone who wants to work remotely from home and wants to find out about proofreading prospects.

Price of Free Proofreading Course from Proofread Anywhere

It is a free course. $0!

Training & Tools

Being a free course, it is not elaborate in the way it is set up. As far as training and tools go, Caitlin uses her email posts, blog posts, and a quiz to help you think about the points she is presenting. She also sends you off to other sites to compare as well as get information that will help you analyze your own situation and needs.


The interactive support is in the form of emails. Caitlin asks pertinent questions at the end of each email, encourages readers to respond and ask their own questions, and replies in turn to each and every email. In addition, the blog posts and the FAQ pages on Proofread Anywhere are full of useful information.

Email invitation in Caitlin's free 7-day course
A couple of Caitlin's email invitations
A couple of Caitlin's email invitations

Educational Qualifications and Skills Needed

No particular qualifications are needed – more the ability to read, comprehend, question and see the possibilities presented.

My Final Opinion

For me, the course opened up a whole new way of looking at proofreading opportunities. I had a set idea of what proofreading was and what kind of remote jobs you could get with it. But that totally changed after going through the whole free course and corresponding with Caitlin who readily answered all my questions.

It is a free course and it doesn’t equip you with all the skills you need to actually make a solid income proofreading. But it provides you with a fresh outlook and some tools you can use if you decide that remote proofreading is the career you want to do from home.

There is no doubt that Caitlin is marketing her full course through this free course, but personally, I didn’t mind as I would have never even heard about the opportunity of court transcript proofreading without this. She also makes it very clear that though her full online course leads to a solid income, it takes hard work and dedication to reach that point. She doesn’t encourage anyone to join who doesn’t have what it will take to succeed. Read this if you want to know just what Caitlin expects of the students who enroll in her intensive course.

Verdict: It isn’t a legitimate anywhere anytime job per se, but it shows you some of the opportunities available depending on whether you decide to join her intensive online proofreading course or head off in another proofreading direction.

You can sign up for the free course here.

Free 7 day course on Proofread Anywhere
Or click here to signup

Looking for more info? Check out Caitlin's Tips for Proofreading as a Stay-at-Home Mom or these helpful strategies on finding work from home as a proofreader.

Have you proofread before? Are you known as the one to go to when friends need someone to proofread? Let us know what you think of this opportunity. Or do you have any questions? If so, fire away!


  1. Hello Robin! Thank you for all the information and insight to this free intro course. I have had PA tacked onto my favorites bar for over 4 years!!! And now is my time to get to it. I have watched several YOUTUBE interviews with Caitlin being interviewed and her interviewing prior students. Also reviews from others as to if this is a legitimate course. All good! I am so impressed with all of it and absolutely grateful for the availability of information. Kudos to all the team! I am so looking forward to my next chapter, finally.

    1. So happy to hear that, Valerie!
      Yes, this course is the real thing… enjoy!!!

      Let me know how it goes,

  2. Hi there! I find this website extremely useful for someone in my situation. I am currently a college student and proofreading is a big part of my curricular. I looks like this course may have some great tips and facts that I can learn from and implement into my own writing!

  3. Hi Robin,
    Well this seems like a good intro to proofreading. The fact that it is free also helps! It seems like the creator is honest that the full online course would be required to be able to apply the skills and that even then it would require time and effort. That honesty, in my eyes, increases her credibility.

    1. Yes, Emily, Caitlin is very straightforward about the facts. She is really aiming to help people develop into great proofreaders, not just sell her course. In fact, she really doesn’t want people to join who are just looking at the possible income you can make from this career. It is refreshing!

  4. Interesting option – I’ve been looking into proofreading for a while and this could well be the stating point I was looking for. Shame it’s only an introduction. But it’s a start anyway. How deep do these initial lessons go?
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. The lessons do more to make you think about your options, Chris. The creator, Caitlin Pyle, gives general proofreading tips, but also uses this free course to introduce readers to her paid course in court transcript proofreading which is an exhaustive course. Feel free to read my review on that as well. Let me know what you think!

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