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Training for All Types of Virtual Assistants: Our 2024 Fully Booked VA Review

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Intro: What Is Fully Booked VA, Anyway?

Fully Booked VA offers training for all types of virtual assistants.

Why should you care that Fully Booked VA trains all types of virtual assistants?

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Need to add to your family’s income? Or find something to do that is your own? Did you know that there are many types of virtual assistants? And that means that there’s probably virtual assistant (VA) work available that matches your skills and interests? 

It’s true. And if you:

  • Want legit work-from-home options you can do either full or part-time
  • Know you have skills, but you’re not sure how they might translate to income
  • Are searching for flexible jobs with low overhead that don’t take a long time to train for

Then you might find that one of the many types of virtual assistants is a great match for your skills and interests.

Looking for something specific? Jump to the Table of Contents!

Find the training for the type of virtual assistant you'd like to be in a click, or choose your own path through this review.

That was the case for my content VA, Shan. When her friend, a design VA, talked about her work, it sounded like something Shan would love to do, too. But she didn’t have design experience, so she didn’t think it was for her.

She finally mentioned her interest to her friend, who told her there were many types of virtual assistants. Then she recommended 30 Days or Less to VA Success (now the updated Fully Booked Foundations course). Shan did some research, then she took a chance and enrolled in this virtual assistant training for beginners.

Before she had even finished the course, she found my posting on their Job Leads board, and we’ve been working together since. 

So, for both of us, this review is personal. We know the questions you’re probably asking when reading Fully Booked VA reviews. So, we know Fully Booked VA can help you learn to become a virtual assistant, like it did for Shan.

Don't know what types of virtual assistants there are? FBVA can help.
Jumpstart Your VA Business will help you decide if you want to profit as a virtual assistant.

But… are virtual assistant courses worth it?

Shan, the mom of two grown homeschooled kids, gained the skills she needed to create a VA business that meets her needs – and mine. So did her friend, now the single mom of a five-year-old. Even though they are both different types of virtual assistants, the program that grew into Fully Booked VA provided them both valuable virtual assistant training with a certificate once they passed their final exam.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a virtual assistant is $24/hour. More specialized and experienced VAs can command far more than this. It’s also a flexible career where you can work anywhere from a few hours a week to full-time (or more). You can even scale up as your kids get older. 

In other words, it’s a career with a lot of potential. As a VA, you can use the talents you have, build new skills, and profit by helping business owners.

Maybe best of all, the answer to “How long does it take to become a virtual assistant?” is “Probably not as long as you think.” So, if you're asking, “Is it hard to become a virtual assistant?” you might be surprised to hear, “Not if you get good training and are willing to use what you learn.”

FBVA's program is conversational and serves all types of virtual assistants - even freelance writers.
Want to be a VA who writes? Try this Freelance Writing course!

So… Where Can I Find Training for All Types of Virtual Assistants?

Here's the short answer – Fully Booked VA can help! 

Whether you’d like to be a general VA, or specialize, FBVA has a training program for you. There is great foundational content for all types of virtual assistants. You'll also find courses that prepare you to become a specific type of VA. Additionally, there are lots of extras to help you get your business up and running easily – from your first $100 on. Like Shan, you might even have clients before you finish the Fully Booked Foundations course!

Fully Booked VA is also flexible enough to meet your needs – and be kind to your budget, too. You can join the full program  or purchase just the course or courses you need to be the type of virtual assistant you want to be. 

Want to know more about the Fully Booked VA program? You’re in the right place! I’m bringing you this comprehensive Fully Booked VA review so you can decide if this is the right way for you to learn how to become a VA.

How Does Fully Booked VA Train Several Types of Virtual Assistants?

So, what exactly is Fully Booked VA

The full program contains nine virtual assistant training courses. There are two foundational courses and seven specialized courses that help you develop the skills you need to become various types of virtual assistant. As mentioned above, you can buy courses individually, or enroll in the entire virtual assistant training program to have access to all of its features. 

Buying any of these courses or the full program will give you lifetime access to your materials. And you’ll also get all the upgrades and updates!

That's because Fully Booked VA’s mission is to prepare students like you to become the types of virtual assistants they want to be, on their own terms.

You can build a strong base of knowledge with FBVA‘s foundational courses.

What Can You Learn From Fully Booked VA?

Did you know that there are real estate virtual assistants? How about podcast VAs? And even virtual assistants who specialize in email and social media management?

As a matter of fact, these are only a few of the types of virtual assistants. FBVA covers all of these and more – you could also be a project management VA or learn the ins and outs of freelance writing.

More than that, you can also start by building a solid VA foundation or jumpstart your VA career.

What can you learn from my FBVA Review?

My team has gone in-depth, spending hours exploring the “Three C’s” of FBVA: courses, coaching, and community. I’ll share not only the pros, but also the cons. 

I’ll also give you a sneak peek inside the course. You can see how it’s set up, who the instructors are, and how all the pieces fit together. 

I’ll also sum all of this up with a final opinion that will give you a clear idea of how I feel about Fully Booked VA.

Feel free to read through this article in order, or use the Table of Contents to click through to what most interests you. My goal is to give you the info you need so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Name: Fully Booked VA
Website: https://fullybookedva.com/ 
Head Coach: Stephanie Hayes
Free Resource: Take the Guesswork Out of Starting Your VA Business (Workbook)

Introduction to the Social Media Management course.

Getting to Know Fully Booked VA

Original owner Gina Horkey recently sold Fully Booked VA to Stephanie Hayes. Stephanie has over 20 years’ experience with building businesses and helping others build theirs, too, She makes a fantastic Head Coach for the FBVA Community. 

Her mission is to help you become financially independent, because that leaves more room for the things that matter in your life. 

Since Fully Booked VA launched as Horkey Handbook in 2014, it has enrolled over 11,000 students like Shan across its programs. Some come for a single course and others want the full program. Whichever you are, FBVA is ready for you. 

Plus, you’ll get lots of extras – workbooks, links to additional resources, and optional access to the FBVA community, coaching sessions, and job leads board. The FBVA team wants you to succeed, and they’re ready and willing to help you do just that. 

Fully Booked VA In a Nutshell: For All Types of Virtual Assistants

Type of courseProgram with foundational and specialized virtual assistant courses, coaching, monthly life skills trainings, community, and jobs board.
Length of courseSelf-paced; most can be done in about a month.
Teaching materialsText-based lessons with some video; additional downloadable workbooks and guides, linked resources, optional live coaching and workshops.
TestingFinal exam in Fully Booked Foundations course.
What students receive upon completion Certificate upon passing Fully Booked Foundations final.
How student support is providedEmail, optional community and weekly group coaching sessions.
Course/program accessLifetime online, with downloadable content. Includes all updates and upgrades. Quarterly enrollment periods; though individual courses are evergreen.

The Pros of Fully Booked VA

My team and I looked at what we liked most about the program.

  • There’s a lot of additional material to bring your courses to life.
  • There are both foundational and specialized courses available. 
  • You can enroll in the full program or choose individual courses.
  • Fully Booked VA’s site is easy to navigate and visually appealing.
  • The types of virtual assistant courses offered are wide-ranging and diverse. 
  • FBVA’s course material is presented in a conversational, easy to understand tone.
  • The program includes many templates to help you set up your new VA business efficiently.
  • You’ll have optional access to workshops for various types of virtual assistants and common VA concerns.
  • There are links to supplemental resources gathered at the homepage of many of the courses, making them very easy to find when needed.
  • The FBVA team personally invests in their students. They really take the time to get to know them, where they are, and how to help them succeed.
  • There are some great case studies and video interviews to give you a better sense of what various types of virtual assistants do and can expect in their niche.

The Cons of FBVA

This review wouldn’t be very honest if I only told you what we like about FBVA. We want you to make the best choice for you, so here are the things we think need improving.

  • Only Fully Booked Foundations currently offers certification.
  • Some of the outbound links and downloadable resources aren’t functional.
  • The full program may be more of an investment than your budget can handle.
  • All courses are text-based. This may be a problem if you don’t learn best in that format. 
The portal to the Email Management course.

What Type of Virtual Assistant Do You Want to Be? Getting Started with FBVA

As I mentioned, my team dug deep into everything FBVA has to offer. So now I can give you a clear idea of how Fully Booked VA works – from the inside out. 

The student login button is easy to find at the top right of the FBVA homepage. Once you’ve signed in, you have options for the FBVA Community and Job Leads board.

Below these are the course options. If you’ve signed up for the entire program, you will have access to everything. If you’ve purchased a single course, you will find it here. Click through, and get ready to learn!

The homepages for each course are clean, inviting, and, maybe most importantly, easy to navigate. All the downloadable worksheets and outbound links associated with the course you’re taking are right there, so you can find them whenever you’re ready for them. 

Inside the course, you’ll find a menu, so you can see all the lessons and how far you’ve progressed. Every module ends with an action plan so you can use what you’ve learned. Your outbound links and downloadable materials are listed again in the lesson. So you’ll know just when you’ll need them.

The lessons set up allows you to read the material in only a few minutes. Then you can do any exercises and take actionable steps to build your business. 

What Types of Virtual Assistant Courses at FBVA Offer Certification?

Certification isn’t necessary for any type of virtual assistant. But having certification shows that you’ve made the commitment to learning how to serve your clients well. You can add your certification to your resume or mention it when pitching to a potential new client.

As of this writing, Fully Booked VA only offers certification in the Fully Booked Foundations (formerly VA Foundations) course.

You earn it by passing the final exam at the end of the course. You’ll receive a shareable certificate to mark your achievement – and all the learning that went into it. 

Another Certification Option

If certification is important to you, Freelance University offers independent third-party certifications on several of their courses.

What Types of Virtual Assistant Courses does FBVA Offer?

Fully Booked VA’s mission is to prepare you to succeed in the virtual assistant career you want. So, whether that’s a few hours a week while the kids are napping, or full-time running a VA agency – or anywhere in between! – they’ve got options that can work for you. 

Jump Start Your VA Business

You can begin with Jump Start Your VA Business – an introductory mini-course that will take you about 2 hours to complete. You'll learn whether a VA career is a good fit for you. If it is, you’ll get five steps to help you land your first client or project within 30 days.  That means you can quickly earn back the $97 you spent on the course. When you finish, you’ll be invited to join the full program.

Fully Booked Foundations

If you get to the end of Jump Start Your VA Business and know you want to be a virtual assistant, you can move on to Fully Booked Foundations, formerly VA Foundations. 

This course does just what it says in the title – offers you a solid foundation for your VA career. All types of virtual assistants can benefit from these basic skills. 

Fully Booked Foundations has 12 modules, each with short lessons that are easy to fit into a mom’s busy life. You’ll get actionable steps to help you build your skills as you go. The bonus resources and templates will make setting up your business faster and easier. 

At the end of the course, you can choose to take the final exam. If you pass, you will receive your official certification.

The landing page invites you to become one of several types of virtual assistants.

FBVA Has Specialized Courses for Several Types of Virtual Assistants

Want to become a specific type of virtual assistant? Whether you’d love to be a freelance writer, a podcast VA, or help clients keep their email or social media on track, there’s a course here just for you. If helping real estate agents or managing projects sound like your cup of tea, you can find courses for those, too!

Each course comes with extras designed to help you put your new skills into practice in your biz.

Here’s the full list:

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success

If you love to write, you can freelance! Yes, even if you’ve never written professionally before. You’ll get 10 modules, each with several lessons that will help you create your writer’s website, set your rates, and find those first clients. Two case studies will help you see how you can build your freelance writing business on your own terms. The practical information will get you off to a solid start. And each module comes with an action plan to move you forward.

Once you finish this course, you’ll be well-prepared to write for clients full or part-time.

Virtual Assistant Agency

Would you like to have your own virtual assistant agency? It could be a great idea if you’d like to help more clients than you can handle on your own. Other VAs work for you, and you pay them. 

This course has 9 modules that include scalability, taxes and legal issues, how to hire your first VA, onboarding, problems you might encounter, and more. Two case studies bring the content to life.

Social Media Management

Love Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest? If you’d like to help small business clients with their social media accounts, this is the course for you. 7 modules explore social media platforms, the services you can offer, how to set your rates and create packages, and more. Plus, Project Management VA Hailey Thomas shares a video about how her social media VA makes her life easier.

Head Coach and CEO Stephanie Hayes in the Real Estate VA course.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Does real estate fascinate you, but becoming a realtor seems like too much for where you are in your life?

Real Estate VAs (REVAs) can help agents with social media, systems, transactions, following up with prospective clients, and other administrative details that free them up for the revenue-building parts of their work. 

These 8 modules will give you a feel for what a realtor’s life is like and how the real estate process works. You’ll learn how to connect with real estate agents and watch video conversations with agents and their REVA. 

This is an information dense course. Be prepared to dig in and learn – a lot!

Project Management for Virtual Assistants

If you’re a mom, you probably already have plenty of project management skills! Just getting a toddler and a baby out of the house on time, for instance, can require a mind-boggling array of logistics!

Do you have a knack for efficiency? Being able to see the big picture, and all the smaller pieces and systems needed to bring it to life? Are you great at organizing a team for a common goal? Are you skilled at getting things done when and how they need to be?

Then you might make a fantastic Project Management Virtual Assistant (PMVA). In this role, you’ll help your clients take a project from dream to reality.

This course has 5 modules that cover what a PMVA is, resource management, types of projects and the skills needed to manage them, taking on your first project, and more. PMVA Hailey Thomas gives examples of weekly workflows. Case studies also show you PMVAs in action. 

The first lesson from the FBVA Email Management for Virtual Assistants course.

Email Management

Did you know that email management is the most requested VA service? If you are great at keeping up with your own email, this could be a perfect service for you to offer to small business owners overwhelmed by their inboxes.

These 6 modules give you the basic what and how of email management. You'll learn how to get email credentials from clients, and how to use Trello and other resources. You'll understand the processes and workflow for email organization. Do you what Inbox Zero is (and isn’t)? You will learn that – plus a lot more. 

Podcast Production School

NOTE: This premium course isn't part of the FBVA program bundle. We didn't have access to it for this review. As I learn more about this exciting course, I’ll share it with you. 

The FBVA team says this course provides a step-by-step blueprint to help you become a podcast producer in 90 days or less. With many downloadable resources, you’ll learn how to land clients, do excellent work, and earn the income you want in this high-demand career.

As you can see, FBVA offers both general training and training specifically for several types of virtual assistants. Whether you just stick with the basics or develop a niche, they’ve got something for you. 

The free public FBVA Community offers training and support.

Coaching for All Types of Virtual Assistants

When you purchase a course or become a full member of the Fully Booked VA program, you will be able to join weekly coaching calls with longtime business coach and CEO Stephanie Hayes. The first 90 days are free with your enrollment ($49/month after that, and you can cancel anytime). These calls are recorded and stored in the Circle Community, too. That means you can ask your questions in advance, even if you can’t make the call. 

However, I suggest you do your best to attend as many of these weekly calls as possible. The atmosphere is very personal and supportive. Stephanie clearly knows where the students are in their journeys and she listens carefully. The advice and guidance she offers is sensible, attainable, well-structured, and a great fit for the person receiving it. 

Every person my team watched or heard interact with Stephanie left the conversation with their next steps clearly in mind. And they were inspired to take them!

These coaching sessions take about an hour. It’s no problem if you can’t make the whole coaching call – you can pop in or out as your life demands. 

The format here is straightforward. Coaching sessions are Q&A with plenty of space for follow-ups. 

Project Management VAs and other types of virtual assistants can find specialized training with Fully Booked VA.
Downloadable resources for the Project Management VA course.

How Are The Courses Formatted in FBVA?

Something we really appreciate about Fully Booked VA is how straightforward everything is. All of your courses will appear in your Student Portal when you log in (if any don’t, contact the FBVA team, and they will get everything sorted out for you). 

When you click into any of your courses, everything you need to get going will be right there for you. It will probably only take you a few minutes to learn how to navigate effectively. 

Most lessons are text-based, though some contain videos. None are very long, which makes them perfect for moms with a few thousand other things on their daily to-do lists!

The tone is friendly, informal, and conversational. These fit the style of FBVA’s coaching and community, too. It feels like you’re learning from friends who actually care about you and want you to succeed, no matter what type of virtual assistant you’d like to be.

When you finish a module, you can use the action steps to practice what you’ve learned. Follow these steps, and before you know it, you might have clients of your own.

Live Training for All Types of Virtual Assistants

Along with their weekly coaching calls, FBVA also offers monthly skills trainings. These are free for 90 days after you enroll in the FBVA program, and can be joined live or watched later in the Circle community.

According to the Fully Booked VA sales page:

“We create these deep-dive trainings based on YOUR needs. We look to the conversations happening in the forums and on live calls with our members, then use your questions to create comprehensive trainings that give you the confidence and know-how you need.”

Past trainings have included:

  • Selling and pitching
  • SEO basics crash course
  • Creating an ideal work schedule
  • Finding ideal clients on social media
  • A simple system for building your VA website
  • And more!

All sessions include an introduction to the material, lecture time with helpful slides, and a live moderated chat. There’s a Q&A session at the end. Links to supplemental material appear in the chat so you can download it easily.

The home pages for each course are clean, appealing, and easy to navigate.

Other FBVA Perks

We've mentioned some of the added benefits of the FBVA program already. Here are some additional perks:

You’ll have lifetime access to all upgrades and updates of your course materials. That means they can keep on helping you as you grow in your business. 

The Community now has a public area anyone can visit. Here, you’ll find an intro thread, goals and wins, and some free resources. It’s a great way to meet the team and get a feel for what’s offered in the full Community.

A brand-new perk is that FBVA has partnered with a VA agency. Once you’ve graduated from Fully Booked Foundations, you can apply and interview with the agency. Even if you aren’t hired, you will learn a great deal from your interview feedback.

Another new benefit for Fully Booked Foundations students is a one-on-one coaching call with Head Coach Stephanie Hayes. This will help you create your personal road map for getting your first clients.

FBVA’s Optional Perks 

FBVA students can also choose the bundle that includes full access to the Community, plus coaching and live trainings. Once you’ve graduated from Fully Booked Foundations, the VA Job Leads board is also available.

You get all of these for $49/month, and you can cancel anytime.

The VA Job Leads board can be invaluable in finding your first (or next) client. We’ve seen several postings in the time my team has had access to this resource. Even better, older entries are archived. So you’ll get an idea what clients are looking for before you start sending pitches.

And it’s where Shan found me in June 2020 – so long-term relationships can come from this!

FBVA offers lots of downloadable resources for many types of virtual assistants.
Downloadable resources for Social Media for Virtual Assistants.

Student Support at FBVA

So, what happens if you're “stuck?” Or you don't know whether you can make this VA thing work? Not sure you know how to choose between all the different types of virtual assistant you could become?

The FBVA team is there to help you figure things out. You can ask your question by email, or in a coaching call or the Circle community if you have access to them.

You’ll get detailed and personalized answers, too. The team clearly takes their time to give your question or concern the attention it deserves. Students in the coaching sessions and community seem very satisfied with the support they receive.

And even if you’re not an FBVA member or enrolled in a single course, you can learn from the blog accessible in the top menu bar on their website. There are articles to help you find clients, tips on things like choosing a business name, automating, and more. It’s a great resource, and it's open to everyone. 

A peek into the realtor/REVA (real estate VA) relationship.

Who Is FBVA For?

Whether you’ve read the review up to this point or clicked here from the Table of Contents, this is an important question. So are these:

  • “Is this program for me?” 
  •  “Can it really fit in with my life?”
  • “How about the individual course options?”

Here at AAC, we get that you’ve got concerns, because we’ve been right where you are, asking ourselves the same questions. 

As a matter of fact, trying to find these answers despite my doubts and limitations is why I created this site. I want you to have the answers you need to make the right decisions for you (whether or not you click on any of my affiliate links). 

So, who is Fully Booked VA for?

First, it’s for people who are virtual assistants, or would like to be. Whether you’re looking at very part-time or want to go into this full speed ahead, FBVA can help you get there. 

But, you have to be willing to dig in – and to take action based on what you learn.

The courses, coaching, community, and job board can’t do the work for you. They can give you the tools you need to build your VA business on your own terms – but they aren’t a magic wand or a quick fix. 

You’ll need a plan and you’ll need commitment. So, if you’re a person who dedicates yourself and can adapt to and overcome challenges, you’ll get a lot more out of the program.

The foundation courses are for all types of virtual assistants. Once you've built a strong base, the specialized courses will help you “niche down” and gain the skills you need to become the type of VA you want to be – or to expand what services you can offer your clients.

Are you focused? Ready to learn, and ready to act? FBVA is a great way for you to get where you’re going!

A partial list of the downloadable resources for Fully Booked Foundations.

Who Isn’t FVBA For?

By now, you know who Fully Booked VA is for. So, let’s take a look at who isn’t a good fit for this program.

If you’re looking to “get rich quick,” this isn’t the program for you. No matter how good the courses and support, you will need to work to learn the skills to succeed. And then you will have to develop those skills with clients. All of this takes time and effort.

So, if you're not interested in actually doing the work, this program isn't for you. In other words, it can only help those willing to help themselves. So if you aren’t ready to commit to learning and then applying that knowledge, it’s not the program for you. If you start things but don’t tend to finish, you might want to skip it, too.

And, if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, but you want to check out the “lay of the land,” you can begin with Jump Start Your VA Career. You’ll learn enough here to know whether being a VA is the right choice for you. 

It’s also a “test drive” for Fully Booked VA

Before you commit to the full program, take this chance to see whether you like the way the courses are presented. So, you’ll get the chance to measure whether you have the time and focus to give to the work.

Training for All Types of Virtual Assistants with FBVA: Do I need a Degree?

Here’s some great news: You don’t need any special educational requirements to become a virtual assistant, or to enroll in FBVA, either. Whether you graduated from high school, college – or neither, if you’re willing to learn and use your new skills, you can be a VA.

There are a few things you do need, though:

  • Ability to speak, read, and write in English. Fully Booked VA is an English-only program, so you’ll need that skill to understand the course materials.
  • Setting goals and adapting to challenges. These are traits that will really serve you well, especially as a work-from-home mom with more things to do than time to do them in!
  • Being willing to get out of your comfort zone. In order to succeed as any type of virtual assistant, you’re going to have to take action and  “put yourself out there.” You’ll also try a lot of things for the first time. Being willing to push the envelope even when it’s scary is a must!
  • A sense of fun and adventure! After all, you’re about to change your life! If you’re having fun, you’ll learn more. And then it will be easier to attract clients you’ll love working with.
The course curriculum for JumpStart Your VA Business.

What Does This Training for All Types of Virtual Assistants Cost?

I get it – this is a really important question. After all, most of us live on budgets. Sometimes they’re a lot tighter than we want them to be, especially with growing kids who always seem to need something!

As the old saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money.” But you also have to have money to spend it!

So, here’s what it costs to get started with your FBVA learning. I’ve broken it down by full program and individual courses, then added in the extras to make it easy for you.

Fully Booked VA Full Program Cost

Do you want access to all of the FBVA courses right from the start, as well as 90 days’ access to the community, group coaching, and the job leads board? That comes to $1197 for lifetime access to all FBVA coursesincluding upgrades and updates.

You can also choose to pay in seven $197 installments, or twelve payments of $115.

FBVA Training Costs for Various Types of Virtual Assistants

When you purchase the Fully Booked VA program, you will have access to Fully Booked Foundations and supporting material. Once you’ve completed that course, you’ll be able to access the other courses.

A great feature of Fully Booked VA is that you can buy individual courses without investing in the full program membership. So, if you
just want a course or two, go for it!

Most individual courses cost $297. So, do you want to learn freelance writing, email or project management, real estate, social media, or running a virtual assistant agency? You can for $297.

FBVA Price Exceptions:

  • Jumpstart Your VA Business, the introductory two-hour mini-course, is $97.
  • Fully Booked Foundations (was VA Foundations) is $497, or three monthly payments of $197.
  • Podcast Production School is $500, or $175 and three additional $125 payments. It comes with three great bonuses, including a recorded two-day workshop to take at your own pace. 

Are there Any Extras?

For $49/month, you can subscribe to the Community/Coaching/Client Leads bundle I mentioned above. For the same price, you can also purchase a Client Contract Template to be sure you and your client are on the same page. 

What About Refunds?

Direct From the Fully Booked VA Sales Page:

We’re putting EVERYTHING in our student’s hands to set you up for success – including earning your investment back ASAP.

All YOU have to do is dig in and follow the plan we’ve laid out for you! If you’ve followed our plan and haven’t made your money back, we’re here to support you.

Due to the nature of our digital products, we can’t offer a refund, but we are committed to your success and will offer you a free private business coaching session if you are struggling.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do before requesting additional support:

Successfully complete our cornerstone course, Fully Booked Foundations, and receive your FBVA VA Certification

Send a minimum of 100 client pitches (including follow-ups) and submit a completed Pitch Tracker (an editable tracking spreadsheet found within Fully Booked Foundations)

We’ll ask you to provide evidence that you’ve done all these things before you request your private coaching session.

We can’t do the work for you, but we’ll support you all the way and give you every opportunity to succeed!

My Final Opinion: Does Fully Booked VA Offer Great Training for Many Types of Virtual Assistants?

Both Shan and I feel her VA training set her up to succeed – for me, and in her own business, too. 

More than that, with the addition of the specialized courses, weekly coaching sessions, monthly workshops, and Circle community, Fully Booked VA has become a powerhouse learning center for many types of virtual assistants. Whether for general learning or the knowledge you’ll need if you want to niche down into real estate, social media, or as another type of virtual assistant, you’ll find training that meets your needs at a reasonable price with flexible options.

Even better, with the new ownership team, there’s also a fresh energy and friendly focus. I get the sense that this team really cares about every student and is working to make their VA dreams a reality.

Yes, some improvements could be made. Some courses are still waiting for updates. Most lessons are text-based only, which is less useful if you're on-the-go. 

But the experienced team is always working to make things better. So, whether you want full access to the program or only one course, Fully Booked VA can help you become a great virtual assistant.

My Final Opinion on Fully Booked VA

This program is legitimate, and worth the membership/tuition fees if you are willing to do the work and take action on what you learn. You can be earning money as a VA in a matter of weeks with Fully Booked VA.

What Types of Virtual Assistant Could You Be?

Your journey can begin with the next Fully Booked VA enrollment session. With their flexible options, you can dive right in, or just test the waters – it’s your call!

Want to Jumpstart YOUR VA Biz? Click below and get the $97 mini-course anytime!

Or… if you’re ready to go all-in and join the FBVA community, click this button and join the May 2024 cohort!

If you have any other questions about Fully Booked VA, or the different types of virtual assistants you could be, let me know!  I respond to all comments, and I’m happy to contact the FBVA team if we don’t have the answers you need.  Drop a few lines below, and tell me how we can help. Who knows? You might even give us an idea for a future article!

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