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Transcribe Anywhere – General Transcription Course Review

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Becoming a transcriptionist is a great way to make money from home. Whether you only have a few hours or are looking to make it a full-time career, transcription is a lucrative industry with tons of earning potential. Find out how you can jump-start your own home business as a transcriptionist! #workfromhome #homebusiness #careertips

Who needs transcription in this era of technology? The answer: millions of people. Videos, movies, podcasts, seminars, webinars, class lectures, and more contain material their creators want to be visible on search engines. With a remote transcription career, you can help them do just that.

How can you accomplish that? Transcribe the dialogue into written text. Viola! Millions of people can now see what your clients are offering.

So… does a remote transcription career sound more interesting and profitable now? Are you interested, but not sure where to begin?

Our Transcribe Anywhere General Transcription course review is a great place to start. Read on to see if this course is the right choice for you to learn the skills and tools you need to get a well-paid transcription job, or even start your own transcription business.

Name: Transcribe Anywhere – General Transcription: Theory and Practice
Website: transcribeanywhere.com
Creator: Janet Shaughnessy
Free Resources or Training: Free Transcription Workshop and Free Mini Course

Exciting News!

The TA team has added a unit to both courses which will help you learn how to use AI to increase your transcription productivity. 

You'll find the unit after passing the final exam. That’s because AI is a tool transcriptionists can use, but it can't replace the skills that you will learn during your training.

Introduction to the Transcribe Anywhere General Transcription Course

Janet Shaughnessy, founder of Transcribe Anywhere, started working from home as a medical transcriptionist in 2007. She added general and legal transcription to her services. Later, she formed her own agency, Zoom Transcription Services. She needed transcriptionists for her new business, but found that even experienced transcriptionists weren't meeting her expectations.

Getting everyone up to speed (and accuracy!) on an individual level became a burden for Janet. So, the first iteration of General Transcription Training: The Zoom Method was born by necessity. Janet sold it as a DVD on Amazon at first. Later, she moved it to a digital download and sold it from her own business website.

The current version of General Transcription: Theory and Practice is based on that original course. But now it's completely revamped, updated, expanded, and installed on a real e-learning platform. It provides everything needed for a complete beginner to obtain the comprehensive training you'll need to excel at general transcription. In addition, Janet also includes the marketing side of how to either land a good job or build your own business.

General Transcription Course in a Nutshell

Transcribe Anywhere General Transcription Course Overview


  • It is a self-paced, multimedia online course
  • You don't need any previous transcription experience
  • This course contains everything you need to know about transcription, starting with the basics
  • It provides you with the marketing and business skills needed to build your own business
  • Transcribe Anywhere teaches you the skills you'll need if you prefer to get a job
  • You can work on it anytime and from anywhere
  • You will have the freedom to work full time or part-time
  • Transcribe Anywhere gives you the training to start a small business and develop it as your time permits
  • It provides you with the tools for a real career that you can fit around the needs of your family
  • You can start earning soon after successfully completing the course (though it takes time to build up a big enough client base to achieve a full-time income). You won't have overnight results, but you will have all the tools and tips to help you market your services effectively
  • Janet also offers a free mini-course and a free workshop. These give you an idea of what transcription is and what the work requires. You'll be better able to decide if it's for you before enrolling


  • It takes real work and effort
  • You need to be able to sit for long periods of time
  • It's not a get-rich-quick solution. If that is what you are looking for, you won't find it in this course 

Transcribe Anywhere – General Transcription Course Overview

The general transcription course at Transcribe Anywhere is a self-paced online course that teaches the A-Z of general transcription. It includes tools on how to make a remote business out of it (or get a good job if that's your goal). It begins with typing drills and moves on from there.

Much of the information is provided through text lessons. There are also helpful videos that clarify some of the software-related lessons. The quizzes help you make sure you're grasping the material. Reference printouts are included as learning aids, too.

The course also contains information about the transcription industry in general, as well as the software and equipment you need. You'll get a strong grounding in English grammar and punctuation skills, too. There are typing drills and practice dictations (many samples of varied difficulties to give you solid experience). You'll learn the ins and outs of formatting and working with templates. Plus, you'll receive marketing training and other information you'll need to help you start your own online transcription business.

A screenshot inside the course
An example of the course layout

The full course is designed to take between two to four months to complete. However, it's self-paced, so you can spend as much time as you need to build a strong foundation for your general transcription career. If you have previous transcription experience when you begin, you'll likely be able to complete the course more quickly than a novice. That said, beginners can learn what they need here, too.

Are you ready to see the course in more detail? Download the syllabus.

As a Transcribe Anywhere student, you will have lifetime access to the course, all updates, and the private Facebook group.

Another screenshot inside the course
An sampling of transcription opportunities from the course

Who Is the General Transcription Course at Transcribe Anywhere For?

It's for stay-at-home moms or dads, college students, retirees, or anyone who has the time to work from home and has:

  • Above average English language skills
  • An eye for detail
  • Patience
  • The ability to sit for long periods of time

I believe anyone can do anything if they set their heart and mind to it. But, to be honest, it's going to be a LOT harder for a non-native English speaker to excel as a transcriptionist for English-speaking clients. That's because the learning curve is very steep for anyone for whom English is not their first language. Also, many clients only hire English-language transcriptionists who are native English speakers.

This course is not for people who aren't ready and willing to put in real effort. It's also not a good fit for those who are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.

The General Transcription Course Training & Resources

The training is presented on a thorough e-learning platform. It consists of plenty of text, transcription style guides, worksheets with answer keys, screencast tutorial demonstrations, video presentations, seven levels of practice dictions with cheat sheets, and quizzes. Janet includes all the tips, tricks, and how-to-do steps she's accumulated over her many years of transcription experience, too.

The training also includes lessons on how to market your skills to get work as an employee or an independent contractor. If you want to build your own transcription business, Janet has you covered there, as well. Graduates of the course pass a final exam that unlocks advanced material and benefits. This aspect of the course makes it more comprehensive than most transcription programs. It's more typical for them to teach the transcription skills, but not the marketing side of building a business.

Student Support for the General Transcription Course

The support for this course is constant and thorough. You can easily get your questions answered via email, Facebook messenger, or in the private student Facebook group. Most student questions are answered almost immediately.

The Facebook group is also an excellent learning tool. The conversation is helpful and lively. Students freely discuss topics, ask questions, and just learn from other members' posts. There is a great deal of support from other students as well as past graduates, who answer questions, cheer students on, and share useful information such as a sale price on transcription software.

Janet Shaughnessy is an active presence in the group and weighs in with answers, advice, or words of encouragement. Janet is also always just an email away if you really need her personal attention, and is very prompt about responding.

Educational Qualifications and Skills Needed

Prior qualifications aren’t important for the General Transcription: Theory and Practice course. Everything you need to know will be taught. Your success will depend on your ability to learn and then act on that learning. As mentioned above, those students with prior experience will likely move through the course faster, but transcription experience is not a prerequisite.

The following skills will make the journey easier:

  • Fast and accurate typing
  • Proficiency in spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Knowledge of the internet and critical thinking skills (i.e., research)
  • Knowledge of the hardware and software required to provide transcription services
  • Self-motivation and self-discipline

Additional Requirements:

  • A computer with a high-speed internet connection
  • Transcription software
  • A quality set of headphones
  • A foot pedal (optional)
  • Microsoft Word or alternative
  • A comfortable, ergonomically correct work area

Prices for Transcription Courses at Transcribe Anywhere

Transcribe Anywhere now has several simple pricing packages. These range from certification in general transcription to a comprehensive package that provides certification in both general and legal transcription.

All the packages include payment plan options, as

Get Certified in General Transcription 

  • Learn the language basics necessary for transcription
  • Find out the how-tos of transcription, view software video tutorials, and practice using TA’s 7-level practice system
  • Get lifetime access to the entire course, including all updates to course material and lifetime membership in the Facebook group
  • Have direct access to instructor and assistants
  • You also get access to a graded final exam, and a certificate upon passing. Graduates earn lifetime membership to the Facebook Grad's Group and inclusion in the Official Graduate Directory. Also included are marketing how-tos and tutorials. Even better, you'll get lifetime access to the Transcriptionist Pro WordPress website theme & tutorials

$997 or enroll in this package for 4 monthly payments of $275.

Get Certified in General and Legal Transcription 

$1697 or enroll in this package for 4 monthly payments of $435.

Can I upgrade? How?

If you have already enrolled in the General Transcription course, you can add on Legal Transcription for $500. Just email TA support for the link.

Attention Military members and/or spouses: You are eligible for a 50% discount on any of the courses at Transcribe Anywhere. Contact TA support for the details.

Are refunds available on Transcribe Anywhere courses?

There are no refunds. However, Janet does provide the “100% thorough” guarantee. This means that if you find any detail you think should have been included in the course but wasn't, she will add it. This assures that the course stays relevant to every student, and keeps improving.

My Final Opinion

Janet has done transcription for a long time and works hard to put all her knowledge into a course that is well designed and easy to follow. There is a good balance between text, video, quizzes, printouts, etc. and the variety of practice transcripts prepares the students for all types of general transcription (legal and medical transcription are not included). Additionally, the “100% thorough” guarantee assures that the course will continue to grow and evolve to meet students' needs.

Feedback from students is that the support is amazing – it is timely and helpful whether you ask for it in the Facebook group or by email. By the end of the course, you are armed with the skills and knowledge to start a respectable career which allows you to work at times that are convenient for you and the rest of your family.

Verdict: It is definitely a legitimate anywhere and anytime training and career option.

Looking for more info?

If you would like to know more from Janet herself regarding how this career option can work for stay-at-home moms, check out this interview with her.

Not quite sure?

Test drive the Transcription Foundations Mini-Course for free! Or watch Janet's free workshop They will give you a good idea about transcription, and whether Janet’s teaching style is right for you. 

Ready to learn?

Already know you want your own transcription business? Then get started on the right foot! Pick the package and payment plan that fits your needs right here.

Did you know?

Janet also has a second course, Legal Transcription: Theory and Practice! Check out our legal transcription interview with Janet, too. You'll learn more about legal transcription and how it differs from her general transcription course. Or read our review of her Legal Transcription course for more details.

So, what do you think? Have you ever done transcription or tried out this course? Feel free to share your experiences. Or do you have any more questions about General Transcription: Theory and Practice? Start asking! We love to help people find the anywhere and anytime careers that are a perfect fit! 🙂


  1. This was a very interesting read. I’m thinking about doing the Legal Transcription course. Which side of Transcription is more in demand? The Legal or General?

    1. Glad you found it interesting, Lisa. It’s equal really. The work is there for both specialties, so it’s better to base your decision about which course to enroll in based on what you’d find most interesting. The best case scenario, of course, is to offer both services and not limit yourself.

      Let me know if you have any other questions,

  2. I am very interested in taking this course. I have 6 years of Acute Medical transcription experience, but would like to do general transcription instead. Could you please contact me via email as to what the full price would be to take this very interesting program?

  3. Absolutely amazing review! It was very thorough and lots of information to take in. It does seem to be a bit expensive for my taste, but I think it would be something to look into. I have taken medical transcription but was not able to finish the course. Are there other options for people who can not afford to pay for the courses, but would like to get into transcription?

    1. I try to be a thorough as possible, Kristena, in an attempt to give you a real feel of the course and where it can take you. Did you try out Janet’s free course ? It actually gives you more of an idea of what transcription is, where the work comes from, the kind of income you can make and the type of person you need to be to succeed at making transcription into your career.

      If you really want to get into transcription, but find it too pricey, you could always start with the Level 1 course and wait until you are ready to proceed to the higher levels… just an idea. 🙂

      All the best, Robin

  4. Hey Robin,

    Thanks for writing such a thorough review of the Transcribe Anywhere program.

    I had not really given much thought to making money at transcribing but after reading your review, I am taking a second look at it. There are a lot of opportunities for transcribing especially with transcribing people’s videos. Many people will make videos and then get them transcribed and use the write content to build an online course. It is a great opportunity.

    I know one of my friends has been looking for an opportunity like this so I will be sure to pass this along to her. Thanks for the great information.

    1. Happy that you found it useful, Val.

      I was pleasantly shocked when I found out the opportunities available for transcriptionists… I had no idea! Originally I just assumed the usual – videos, lectures, etc. as you said. But I’ve since discovered that all sorts of people use them – SEO experts, content strategists, and marketing strategists to name a few!

      Please do pass it onto your friend and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂


  5. Thank you for taking the time to get this information out in a clear way. I have been considering transcription for a long time, I have the equipment – but somehow it always get pushed to the back burner. With so many different training programs I get confused with the options and then don’t move forward. But, your program looks WAY, WAY better than the others I have researched. I really like that there is a FB group where I can get involved with a community. Living WAY out in the country – makes working from home the most economical and farm friendly option – but also makes for a lonely work week. Online groups help. 🙂

    So, my final question is – does this program offer any help with securing a job after the training is complete? Or are you able to apply to work with Janet? Sorry if this question was answered already and I missed it. Thanks! ~ Melanie

    1. The Facebook group is pretty neat – lots of support and interaction, Melani. You won’t be lonely there! 🙂

      To answer your question: this program does provide you all the tools and resources necessary to find work as a transcriptionist.

      And though Janet doesn’t hire people, there is a whole section in the course on how to find work. There are step-by-step tutorials (including videos) on how to find clients (even on YouTube!), you are shown how to apply for transcription company jobs (which are a lower-paying option but still good experience), and even how to build a website to market yourself. You will find many examples in the blog section of the types of people who hire transcriptionists and the list is endless. So if you do the course thoroughly to become an excellent transcriptionist, you shouldn’t have trouble finding work as a freelancer or get a job. Or you can even start your own business.

      Hope that helps,

  6. Hi Robin,

    Your article really breaks down the ins and outs of transcription. I always thought transcription was restricted to the legal and medical fields. Had no idea that it was really for anything that we listen to, but wasn’t written down yet. The sky seems to be the limit for transcription services. And I really appreciated the link to the interview with Janet . It’s nice to hear directly from the course developer herself.

    I’ve bookmarked this page as I’m always looking for new ways to make money from home.



    1. I’m glad you found it useful, Alyssa.

      I hadn’t thought that much about the opportunities for transcription either until I discovered this course. Everyone wants their content to be searchable, everyone wants to spread their content in as many different forms as possible to reach the maximum audience and everyone wants to use their time efficiently – transcription helps all these aims to be achieved. This post about Bob McIntosh gives a great example of all that. Anyway as you said, the sky seems to be the limit!


      1. Hi Robin,
        I’ve been looking for a way to use my degree in English and I feel like I found it. I’m going to start Janet’s program in a week and I’m very excited about the possibilities it presents.
        I’m 55 and I’ve been wanting to create a business that I can still do as I get older. Thanks for a great review.


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