VirtualBee Review – Is it a Good Work from Home Opportunity? — 8 Comments

    • Hi Sandra,
      There is no fee to join VirtualBee. When I joined it last year, I did not pay any fee. (I do not represent the company, but only reviewed it here.) Where did you see that there is a $30 fee? If you give me a lead, I’ll try to follow it up.

  1. Thank You for an excellent review on Virtualbee and it sounds just like the type of thing for anyone looking for a little extra money on the side of their income. However, I’m already building my own solid income through following the training at Wealthy Affiliate and it’s the best decision I ever made.

    Working an online job is great but it will never create financial freedom for anyone, where as building your own online business can take you places 😉


    • I agree, Neil. I discovered Wealthy Affiliate too! The main things I like about Wealthy Affiliate are its well structured courses (rather than simply a ton of pdfs and videos) and the fact that you can work on it at your own pace. Both suited me very well.

      That said, online jobs have their advantages in certain situations – in this case a legitimate job that can help you make a little extra without the pressure.


  2. A well-presented and detailed review. Like you, I will be interested to learn from anyone who has had experience working for them. The idea looks sound, but the pay is probably only relevant to those in the developing world.
    Regards and good luck

    • The idea is sound, John and I’m surprised there aren’t more companies doing something like this. The pay used to be much better a few years ago. But the company has changed hands and the pay has been going down and down. Actually it was down to $0.20 per 1000 characters for a while, but many of the typists refused to type when they lowered it that far. So it went back up to $0.30.
      It is a useful opportunity if you want something to do in your little bit of spare time in order to get a little extra money…

    • Well John, it depends on what you are aiming at. If you want some experience and work that you can do a bit at a time as time permits, I’d go for it. If you are aiming to regularly make a decent amount, it may not be worth it.

      On the other hand, it is a fact that it is hard to find legitimate data entry jobs. VirtualBee is definitely legitimate, it’s just that work is sporadic and doesn’t pay so well. That is my two cents! 🙂

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