Want to Become a Virtual Bookkeeper? Why I Love Ben Robinson’s Bookkeeper Launch

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Ben Robinson CPA, creator of bookkeeper.com

What does it take to become a virtual bookkeeper for the 21st century? If I said, “a passionate instructor,” would you be surprised?

I’ve been fascinated by Ben Robinson’s vision of bookkeeping since he first contacted me about becoming an affiliate of his program a few years ago. He was rolling out the first version of his course then. I updated my first review of it again and again because Ben’s passion has brought consistent evolution to the Bookkeepers.com brand.

His ideas were great right from the start. I was intrigued by what he was offering and what he had planned for the future. But  I wasn’t sure if he was for real, or if he could manage all the things he had on his plate.

Over the years since, I’ve followed each iteration of Ben’s ever-expanding course offerings. Here's my updated review, Bookkeeper Launch: Why It’s Even Better Now. I’ve also interviewed course graduates Amy McLaughry, Justin Boyton, Randy Ballen, Jackie Snaza, Holly Ferris, and Callie Sitek (twice!). And I can say for sure that Ben Robinson is for real.

So today, I want to share what I’ve learned about Ben over the years, and how that helps make Bookkeeper Launch one of the best work-from-home investments you can make if bookkeeping is a passion for you, too.

Become a Virtual Bookkeeper with Passion

Okay, I get it. Most people don’t think about “bookkeeping” and “passion” as words that fit together. There’s the stereotype of the dry, analytical accountant-type who is more or less a calculating device in human form. But that’s just not Ben Robinson. Read on to find out why!

Ben’s passion is helping you become a virtual bookkeeper

Bookkeeper Launch Why I love this Bookkeeping business course for beginners

Ben Robinson is a man who is passionate about virtual bookkeeping. He wants to help other people find their passion for it, too. If you watch even one of his videos, you will see his enthusiasm as he talks about his topic. It’s there from the first free training video, which explores the most basic qualities you need to become a virtual bookkeeper. 

Ben’s passion for bookkeeping shows in his face, his voice, his sense of humor, and his warmth. It shows it in the way he addresses you as a mentor. He's ready and willing to lead the way into something he finds wonderful and hopes you will, too.

Learn solid skills as you become a virtual bookkeeper

Ben got started on this path as a CPA who couldn’t find bookkeepers with the skills his firm needed. He decided to start training his own, then others who were looking to become virtual bookkeepers. Since then, training virtual bookkeepers has become his passion.

Ben improves his students’ lives as they become virtual bookkeepers

Ben Robinson’s passion for bookkeeping training doesn’t stop when his students finish their lessons and become fully-fledged virtual bookkeepers. Baked into every level of every offering is material designed to enhance students’ lives. You'll find study hacks, tips for finding clients that are a good fit, and ways to balance work with family life. Ben brings his passion to every aspect of the training – and that creates something truly wonderful!

 A Passion for Holistic Virtual Bookkeeping Training

Ben Robinson has a passion for helping people learn to create virtual bookkeeping careers that enhance their entire lives. For his students, the investment in this course will pay dividends that go far beyond bookkeeping. It’s a holistic approach to blending business with life, and it shows in every aspect of Bookkeeper Launch.

Multiple ways of learning to become a virtual bookkeeper

Ben uses a tell/show/do model: first, he explains the theory or technique in a video presentation. After that, he demonstrates the process. Finally, you will be given an exercise that helps you practice the material. You will gradually become a virtual bookkeeper, and build your business in the process.

This screenshot describes the various ways you can learn through Bookkeeper Launch.

It’s a solid approach, but not everyone learns best through video presentations. So Ben provides transcripts for those who prefer to read and audio files for those who like to listen. It also makes the course more flexible. You can listen to a lesson while driving, for instance, where reading a transcript or watching a video would be impossible.

Every lesson has a button that allows you to take in-the-moment notes. These can be exported to Word for later review. This way, that inspiration you have in the middle of a lesson won’t be lost before you reach the end. You pause, take the note, save it, and keep going. A word of caution, though. If you don’t save your notes before you move on, you will lose them. So be sure to save them to Word before leaving the lesson!

Bookkeeping training that goes beyond basics

Bookkeeper Launch would be a powerhouse course if all Ben Robinson had set out to do was teach the basics needed to become a virtual bookkeeper. But it goes far beyond that. He realized that those who want to create a thriving virtual bookkeeping business sometimes need more.

So along with necessary theory and the practical side of bookkeeping are the tools to create a solid business. You'll learn marketing techniques, legal considerations, and how to get and keep good clients. There’s even an option for group coaching if you join the Bookkeeper Launch Premier course. You can also find more specialized and advanced courses in the Bookkeepers store.

Become a virtual bookkeeper – and live a happy life

Ben’s isn’t just passionate about helping you become a virtual bookkeeper. He wants you to have the tools and skills you need to build and maintain a successful bookkeeping business. But he wants that business to enhance your life rather than sucking you dry.

From finding clients you’ll love working with to figuring out how much income is right for you so you don’t burn out, from making the shift from employee to business owner to onboarding new clients, Ben offers a wide range of ways to automate and systemize processes. This frees up your work time for the things that provide the greatest return on investment. And it gives you more time for your family and the rest of your life, too.

A Passion for Responsive Bookkeeping Training

Ben doesn’t just present a thorough course that helps you become a virtual bookkeeper in a holistic way. His passion for bookkeeping, and his years of teaching bookkeepers as a CPA, give him an unsurpassed level of responsiveness. This shows in the way the course is designed, delivered, updated, and vetted with students. This is not a one-and-done deal for Ben – it’s an ever-evolving, living entity – much more than a single course. 

Helping you become a virtual bookkeeper – the beginning

When Ben Robinson offered his first course, it was pretty straightforward. He released one module a week, because he didn’t want his students to become overwhelmed. Students moved through the lessons in a prescribed manner, learning the skills, building their websites, and so forth.

Ben listens as you become a virtual bookkeeper

However, some students complained that they finished early, then had to wait for the next installment even though they had time to complete more training. Rather than simply explaining his thinking, Ben listened. He decided the course would be available on-demand – but he didn’t forget his concerns regarding overwhelm, either. He developed techniques that guide students to the material they need first. For example, the current version of the course has a clearly labeled Orientation unit that contains the most crucial information for beginning students, as well as a Study Hacks unit. Each of these must be completed to unlock the remainder of the course.

Bookkeeper Launch 4-0 road map and orientation
You have a road map so you won't get lost along the way

Now you can move through the course in a non-linear fashion if you please, at a pace that fits your life and learning style. There’s no fear of skipping over something important or being held back. And, if you need to pause, or go slowly, your inbox won’t fill up with lessons you can’t get to yet (which is overwhelming in another way).

Ben’s passion for feedback opens up a world of options

He requests feedback constantly – and uses it to continuously improve the course and expand the bookkeepers.com family of offerings.

An example: setting up a website originally happened early in the course. But it was distracting for some students. Ben now suggests that you wait to begin setting up your website until you have at least three clients. You can do the website earlier if it gives you a sense of stability.  But if you need to put client skills into practice and start earning money and experience in your businesses, you won't be hampered by the need to set up a website before you’re ready.

Ben has also used feedback to create other courses and offerings. Want to run a virtual bookkeeping agency? Ben can help you do that. Want to join other advanced learners in a lab setting that feels like a family? You can do that, too. Group coaching? Sure thing!  Become a virtual bookkeeper with Bookkeeper Launch, and you can take your new business as far as you like. Ben Robinson and his team will help you get the skills and support you need every step of the way, wherever your path takes you.

 A Passion for Value-Multiplied Bookkeeping Training

All the passion for bookkeeping I’ve already mentioned would make Bookkeeping Launch a powerhouse of a course. But Ben has a lot more to offer, making any course or program from his Courses page an investment in your future happiness. If you want to become a virtual bookkeeper with a successful business, Ben can help.

Bookkeepers.com courses

What happens after you become a virtual bookkeeper?

Virtual bookkeeping is the vehicle Ben uses to guide you on a journey to a better way of life. Where some online courses never consider work/life balance, it’s integral to Bookkeeper Launch. The goal isn’t to earn as much as you possibly can. It’s to earn in a way that still lets you spend time with your family, and have a chance to enjoy some of that income.

Bookkeeper Launch offer skills you can use to create “day after tax refund” comfort in your life. It also gives you ways to enjoy life with your spouse and children (if you have those). You can decide whether one client or five or twenty is the right fit for your goals. Whatever your number, Ben will help you make it a reality.

Ben helps you streamline bookkeeping business, marketing, and more

One of my favorite parts of the course is the Yakkity-Yak method of marketing. It’s efficient, free, and might lead to multiple clients.  In fact, Ben reports that most of his students get their first clients this way.

What is Yakkity-Yak and Why is it Important

He is a passionate champion of simple and streamlined solutions. He recognizes that your time is valuable. As he says, it’s a hobby until you start earning money at it. He wants you to be able to do that as soon as possible. And when you have a simple, efficient approach to advance to the next level in your virtual bookkeeping business, that’s much easier to do.

Giving you more as you become a virtual bookkeeper

Bookkeeper Launch is full of skill-building topics like networking, billing, niches, and more. Give yourself the gift of working through this course, and you will become a virtual bookkeeper. You'll be ready to launch your own business (or you may already have done so by the time you finish).

But there’s also recommended reading, spreadsheets, hacks, systems, challenges, and other add-ons to help you along your way. You'll get instruction in Quickbooks and Xero, so you’ll understand the platforms you need to help your clients manage their finances.

When you complete the course, you can get a certificate badge tied to an outside accrediting agency. You can use this badge anywhere you want to show the level of commitment and training you have invested in your business.

A Passion for Creating a Bookkeeping Community

Ben Robinson could have put out a comprehensive, responsive course and called it good. But his vision goes much further.  He’s created an entire community of supportive, like-minded folks ready to help you become a virtual bookkeeper. More, you will know how to thrive in your new business.

Twice weekly, Ben's team of experts hosts office hours to deal with students’ questions. These are recorded and accessible on-demand. Ben learned that the single largest expense for his students is legal consultation. So he brings in an attorney each month for a Legal Lunch where students can ask questions in real-time.

Live and archived Q&As

At Bookkeepers.com, you can find a blog bursting with information and insight. Each post connects you to others, so you can follow a trail of learning as far as you wish to go. The blog is freely available, and an excellent way to “test the waters” of the Bookkeepers.com world of learning. There's also the highly portable I Love Bookkeeping podcast!

A passion for connection that spreads to others

The main Bookkeeper Launch private group, hosted through the site, claims thousands of active members. Ben calls it “The Family,” and that's the feel of the group. It's a vibrant community for networking, troubleshooting, celebrating, and sharing. Ben moved the group from Facebook so The Family could gather without ads or the limits of a social media platform.

Some members have created independent offshoot Facebook groups based on geography, niche, stay-at-home parenting, and other categories. Ben’s passions inspire others to carry his ideas and ideals forward and outward into the world, making them their own in new and exciting ways.

The passion to create the Digital Bookkeeper Association

When Ben’s students began asking about official accreditation and an association for digital bookkeepers – what he believes is the 21st-century version of the field, these things didn't exist – so he created them. The Digital Bookkeepers Association (DBA)'s goal is to have a membership of 25,000 accredited digital bookkeepers by 2025. And you might be one of them!

Bookkeeping with Passion – Packaged for Your Benefit

I’ve talked about the passion Ben Robinson brings to Bookkeeper Launch. We have explored the holistic elements of this responsive, value-added program. We've peeked into the wider communities Ben has created.

Now, you might be wondering about the drawbacks of these programs. There aren't many, but these are worth noting.

Bookkeeper Launch requires an investment in yourself, and of yourself. If you’re looking for a shoestring-budget type of program, you might enjoy the blog and podcasts, but Bookkeeper Launch isn’t for you. Likewise, if you’re looking to “get rich quick.” Ben’s courses expect you to spend the time and energy needed to build solid skills. It will probably be months before you're ready to land your first client.

Also, traditional bookkeeping knowledge may get in the way. Unlearning can be harder than learning, so if you've been a bookkeeper,  you’ll need to leave some things behind as you develop your virtual bookkeeping chops. 

Now for the good news. If you’re willing to do the work and make the financial investment, all of this can be yours. Bookkeeper Launch is available right now! Whether you choose Pro or Premier, it’s the very best way I know to become a virtual bookkeeper and build a business you will be passionate about.

Still not sure you’re ready to become a virtual bookkeeper?

The Discovery Series is designed to help you figure out if digital bookkeeping is really for you.

Do you want to become a virtual bookkeeper? Does Bookkeeper Launch seem perfect for you?

Or do you want to learn more? Ask your questions or drop us a comment! 

Want to Become a Virtual Bookkeeper? Why I Love Ben Robinson’s Bookkeeper LaunchWant to Become a Virtual Bookkeeper? Why I Love Ben Robinson’s Bookkeeper LaunchWant to Become a Virtual Bookkeeper? Why I Love Ben Robinson’s Bookkeeper Launch

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