Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Experience

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Would you like some FREE training to start your own business and work from home?

Would you like the FLEXIBILITY to be able to work WHEREVER you are – on a laptop or an iPad, at home or in the park?

Would you like the FLEXIBILITY to be able to work WHENEVER you have a bit of time – while the baby naps or while the boys are finishing soccer practice?

I found a place where this can be a reality. Below you will find my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate followed by a Wealthy Affiliate review. This is …….

How It Started:

Stay-at-Home Moms need flexibility
Stay-at-Home Moms need flexibility

When I first discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I was looking for work I could do online whenever I had the time. My schedule changed daily and I needed something that was flexible. At that time Wealthy Affiliate was free for the first 7 days. The only reason I tried it was that it looked flexible and it was free.

The phrase ‘online business’ didn't mean a thing to me, nor did ‘affiliate marketing’ or most of the other terms I was seeing. But I decided to try the Getting Started course and this is what I found……

  • The tutorials were task based and arranged in a step by step manner allowing me to do as little or much as I had time for.
  • The short videos helped me ‘see’ what was being explained.
  • I started to get an idea of what this ‘online business’ idea was all about.

Not only that……

  • I was able to build a website myself and start adding content to it.
  • I was encouraged to join the chats and discussions, and no question was considered ‘too silly’.
  • The community was helpful and I didn't feel alone.

It was worth it! I decided to pay for the first month.

That was a several years ago… and I am still here. But you don’t get 7 days free anymore… Instead you get a free starter account (with a free website) that lasts as long as you decide to keep it.

The ONLY reason you would need to pay, was if you decided that there really was a lot to learn here and you wanted to stay around with your new-found friends and take advantage of the rest of it.

What Happened Next:

I continued with the training and found that:

  • The method of building a business here was basically by creating a website, sharing information and helping people to connect with the products or services they want.
  • The initial process taught was how to promote others' products and get a commission from them.
  • The training clearly explained how to choose a niche (or topic) for your site and how to research, find and develop content for it.
  • It also showed how to organize and present content on the site in a way that leads to a more pleasant experience for the reader.
Getting Started Classroom
Getting Started Classroom

But that was just the beginning….

  • I saw that there was a wealth of information to soak up and apply.
  • Besides the certification courses presented by the owners and training resources developed by other members, there were discussions, classrooms, weekly live video sessions (with replay options for those that missed them), and live chat with the opportunity to ask questions wherever you were.
  • All classrooms have courses, videos, tutorials, and discussion areas
    All classrooms have courses, videos, tutorials, and discussion areas

    And there were other training modules or blogs on ‘peripheral’ topics like how to make your own videos, writing skills, improving typing speed, taking and editing screenshots, organizing your site development plan and all sorts of useful skills that help while building a site.

  • The content was updated and grew in real time. Changes in Google, for example, were noted and addressed so everyone could learn how to change their strategies if needed.
Example of Google updates
Example of Google updates

All members were encouraged to answer others questions based on their own experience and knowledge.

  • All members were welcome and encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise through their blogs or by developing new tutorials.
  • The platform itself and services provided were constantly being updated and improved.
  • I discovered that building a business around affiliate programs was just one of the ways I could use the skills I learned here. I saw some members building websites for their own customers, some writing SEO and user-friendly content for others' websites and others using their skills to teach others.

So what is in it for you as a stay-at-home mom (or dad)?

  • First of all, it is something that you can work on wherever you are and whenever you have time – after the kids go to school, while the baby naps, during basketball practice, you name it!
  • It allows you to be in control of your situation – kids sick? going on a holiday with the family? No problem! Put it aside for a while or change your work schedule.
A way to spend online time with the kids
A way to spend online time with the kids
  • It is something that you can develop slowly and expand upon in future years when you have more time for yourself.
  • It is something that you can do with the kids to spend online time with them.
  • It is an opportunity to challenge yourself and learn a host of new skills.
  • It is an opportunity to make new friends, learn from others and help others learn.

The list could go on and on…

Here is what some moms and dads have to say:

WA feedback from moms and dadsHow does WA work for stay-at-home moms_ John 2015-07-30 18.36.04 How does WA work for stay-at-home moms_ -Hostelgirl 2015-07-30 18.36.42

So…. if you want to give it a go,

Sign up for Starter membership

and allow yourself to get a feel of things – look around, discover what you find and see if you like it. Or, if you would like to read thoughts of some other members on Wealthy Affiliate, you can read them here.

Below is my original format based review that I wrote. But I realized that it didn't really show my personal experience as my title states. So I started over and came out with what you read above. If you are interested to read more elaborate details feel free to read on….. or if you would prefer to skip straight to the bonus section, go ahead!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

What you can get at WA

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle & Carson

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a place of learning for beginners and pros, and a place to network with other online entrepreneurs.  It is a place where anyone with a passion or interest can learn to build a website to start an online business using that interest and anyone who already has a business (online or offline) can develop it further.

It is a scam free environment where the culture of the members of the community is to help others out. The owners, Kyle and Carson, are very active and present in the community and don’t stand for any behavior that brings down that standard. Before going into too much detail, let me list some of the pros and cons:


  • Interactive, helpful and scam free environment
  • Courses consisting of task-based lessons requiring involvement and action
  • Training resources
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Question-answer sessions
  • Classroom and discussion areas
  • Live chat (24/7/365)
  • Weekly live video classes (and a library of all the replays)
  • Easy to use website builder
  • A free website (for starter members) and 10 websites (for premium members)
  • Domain purchase and registration
  • Free state-of-the-art web hosting and site support
  • SiteContent platform designed to make writing content and adding images easy 
  • Keyword research tool and keyword lists
  • Affiliate program search by category
  • Personal blog
  • Affiliate program (even for starter members)
  • Constantly being updated and improved
  • Accessible from anywhere and at anytime
  • Starter membership is free with no further obligations or hidden charges


  • It can become addictive!
  • The amount of information available can sometimes be overwhelming
  • Blogs and discussions can easily distract you from sticking to your course tasks. (If you have plenty of time, this could actually be a pro as you can learn so much. But if your time is limited, it is a con.)
  • Once in a while you come across a piece of outdated information that hasn't been weeded out yet
Wealthy Affiliate in a nutshell
Wealthy Affiliate in a nutshell

Wealthy Affiliate Product Overview

Wealthy Affiliate is a well-structured learning environment allowing newbies to get started from scratch, and people with previous knowledge to develop further. There are courses and training resources to help you learn the methods and techniques of building or expanding an online business. The training initially focuses on affiliate marketing, but is not limited to that.

So much information is available!
So much information is available!

There are the basic tools, including a website builder and hosting, a keyword research tool, an article editor, etc. which are needed to develop an online business. There is also an affiliate program search, allowing you to find programs that mesh with your audience. And whenever you get stuck, there is plenty of support in the form of a 24/7 live chat, discussion and classroom areas, question-answer sessions and more.

Another aspect that makes the environment engaging and interesting is that people from all over the world are taking part. So not only are the chats and discussions 24/7, but there are instances where you can get exposure to different ideas, ways of using language and of looking at things.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to build a website and/or develop their internet marketing skills – anyone who wants to build an online business or take theirs to the next level.

It is ideal for stay-at-home moms (and dads), because it is so flexible. You can go through the training and work on building your website at times that are convenient for your family, whether you have short, but frequent blocks of time daily to utilize, or you block out one day per week to exclusively work on your site while your kids are with a sitter, for example.

It doesn't make a difference if you are young or old, experienced or inexperienced, from the east or the west. All you need to have is the interest and determination to put in real work to get real results.

On the other hand, it is not for people who imagine they can make money with 3 clicks of a mouse, spammers or people who want to rig the system.

Wealthy Affiliate Training 

The basic training is in the form of task-based courses, each course consisting of 10 modules. There are the general Certification courses and the specific affiliate Bootcamp courses in which the presentation is a mix of text and video. As the training is task based, you see results – your website and business grow as fast as you progress through the material (assuming you DO the tasks and not just read them).

In addition to this, there are weekly live video classes which are all recorded and archived.  (These live webinars are one of my favorite parts of WA – many useful topics explained in simple ways and there are usually tips at the end for the more advanced.)

Many members develop additional training either through their blogs or through tutorials based on additional peripheral topics.

There are plenty of places to get your questions answered – in the discussion area under each training, the classrooms, the 24/7 live chat, the question-answer session after the live video classes and even in members blogs at times! Premium members also have the ability to private message other members as needed. I've never felt alone or without support here – the community is helpful and pay-it-forward is the general attitude of the members. That said, I know that there are times when questions don’t get answered immediately. In such situations I just ask in another area of the platform which usually works.

The courses and the community are quite interactive. Some members complain that it is kind of addictive!

Wealthy Affiliate Resources

Any online business requires a website and the website builder, SiteRubix, at Wealthy Affiliate allows you to easily build a fully functional and powerful site in a matter of minutes.

The sites are responsive and are able to adapt to any screen size which is of great importance when so much of the world now searches the web on iPhones and tablets. You can build free websites or sites on your own domains.

The hosting is state-of-the-art cloud hosting. There is a keyword and competition tool enabling you to find traffic attracting keywords to use on your site and in advertising. 

SiteRubix not only has a site builder, but you can also manage your site health, get comments, and get feedback from other members. Recently SiteDomains was added, so now you can buy, register, host and maintain your domains all from one place.

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that they are constantly striving to update and improve the features and services offered. Since adding SiteDomains, they’ve improved the SiteManager which now includes:

  • SiteSpeed (faster website!)
  • SiteSSL (HTTPS)
  • SiteProtect (spam blocker)
Screenshot of SitePlus+ features
Screenshot of SitePlus+ features

They’ve also added several more brand new features including:

  • SiteContent – a writing platform that allows you to track your progress, use and save templates for efficiency, easily publish to your websites, and more!
  • SiteContent Images – allows you to search for free images and add them to your posts with ease
  • Jaaxy – a popular keyword research tool used by many marketers now accessible within Wealthy Affiliate
  • Affiliate program search- find specific programs by searching certain categories and keywords
  • Affiliate list – collection of popular and currently trending affiliate opportunities

Support at Wealthy Affiliate

The support at Wealthy Affiliate is all around you. All the training materials and courses have comment/question areas at the bottom. The live video classes have question-answer sessions at the end.

You can also join the live chat, a classroom or discussion to ask questions. Some people even use their blog to explain a difficult situation they are trying to solve in order to get others' opinions or solutions. Live help is available 24/7 for premium members and free for the first 7 days for starter members.

Question from a classroom
Question from a classroom – click on it to go to the actual question

If you are a premium member you can also private message (PM) other members for help or ideas. In the middle of all this you will see the co-owners, Kyle and Carson, both giving their time and support to help members out.

If you have technical difficulties with your site all you have to do is submit a support ticket and problems are generally sorted out quickly. The technical support staff is helpful and responsive. For premium members, Site Support generally answers within minutes 24/7/365. That is another one of my favorite things about WA.

Educational Qualifications and Skills Needed

There are no required educational qualifications or degrees needed to join or be able to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate. But you do need:

  • The interest and perseverance to go forward and take action
  • Basic computer and internet skills
  • Basic writing skills are helpful, but they can also be developed
  • Typing skills make things faster
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Ability to ask for help
  • Willingness to help others

The Price

Wealthy Affiliate has two options:

Starter Membership: $0 (FREE!!)

Premium Membership:

  • $49 per month
  • $495 per year ($93 off – basically a 2 month discount)

When you pay yearly, not only is  it cheaper than paying monthly, but you get several bonuses as well: Bonuses: Free .com Domain ($14 value), 100 Community Credits, Bonus Live Class (AMA With Kyle, Succeeding in 2020)

You can get an idea of the differences between starter membership and premium membership from the grid below:

Wealthy Affiliate membership information

So…. if you are interested….

Sign up for Starter membership

Take a look around – explore the starter course, the videos, the 24/7 chat, the website builder and whatever else you find. Get to know some of the other members, ask  questions and see if you like the community and the environment.   

My Final Opinion + A Bonus

It might be too obvious by now, but I think this is one of the greatest places to be to learn the skills needed to build or develop an online business. To be honest, I haven’t seen another place like it.

Of course, nothing is perfect – everyone has different preferences and there may be aspects that some people appreciate more or less than others. Kyle and Carson are doing a great job of continually improving the services at Wealthy Affiliate and personally helping out the members.

So….my verdict: A totally legitimate anywhere anytime career opportunity!

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free

And to Claim Your Bonus…

You can get a special bonus if you decide to go Premium to get full access within your first seven days. For starters, you will get a 59% discount on your first month of Premium membership. As for the rest of the bonus….. as soon as you go Premium, I'll contact you on your profile page to let you know how to access it. See you there!


If you have taken a look at Wealthy Affiliate or tried it out, I’d love it if you shared your view by adding a comment below this post. If you have any questions, see if they are answered here, or else leave those below too.

If you'd like, contact me directly and I'll reply. Or you can leave a message on my Wealthy Affiliate profile page.

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26 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Experience”

  1. Hi Robin,

    I really don’t know what more I could add to this, you have outdone yourself in explaining what WA is all about and how it works. Being a recent member there, I can attest to the quality and abundance of information to learn from there. The video lessons are fabbo, and the folks there, well they just seem to jump at the chance to lend a hand, an ear, or an idea. Great review!


    1. I agree about the video lessons, Traci. 🙂 I didn’t actually discover their worth until I had been at WA for a while. Seeing that most were more than an hour long, I never had the time at one stretch. But once I did watch part of one and I’ve been watching them regularly (in segments) ever since. They are jam packed with useful information. And about the folks there… I can’t agree more. 🙂


  2. Robin,
    Lots of information on this site about Wealthy Affiliate. The program sounds as if it is the way to go if you do not have a dedicated time frame to work on this daily and do not have a lot of funds. The fact that there are update alerts sometimes before they go live are a great advantage to this group of Internet Marketers.

    1. Yes, John. In my opinion, this program is the way to go when you are starting from scratch, and have a flexible schedule and limited resources. It lets you get your foot in the door with all the support you can imagine!

  3. I first came to know about this site from you. I guess this is not a scam as you said. I am going to try this.

    1. Hello Bindia,

      From your email address, it looks like you are in India. If that is the case, it is unfortunately one of the countries from which you cannot access the free account to get started. When you make an account it tells you this and gives you the option of a monthly or yearly fee.

      Wealthy affiliate is not a scam, I can promise that. But it is also not a get rich quick scheme. It takes work and time to start making money. I love it there and have learned a lot over the last couple years.

      Check out my FAQ page, question 10:

      If you are interested and want to put the effort and time into it, I’d say to try it out for a few months (you can’t achieve much in 1 month) and see. But if you don’t think you will be able to put in the effort, think twice about investing in it.

      I hope you do try it out – I just wanted you to see both angles since you can’t try it for free first.

      Best of luck and will be happy to see you there if you do join.


  4. I completely agree. I love Wealthy Affiliate. I work on my websites in my spare time and it’s super easy to learn from everyone in the community. Everyone is very open and easy to contact, I’m learning new things every day about things I’ve never heard of. I have a cooking site and I take pictures as I cook for my family and then work on my site at night when my daughter sleeps. Easy peasy. I have never found anything this easy and flexible. There’s no marketing apart from social media that is needed so you don’t have to feel stuck trying to find a way to get people to come to your site. Love, love it and I recommend it for any mom wanting something to do for your sanity and for some income.

  5. I am blown away by your review Robin! You have covered every aspect explaining what WA is about. Great job! I’m seven months into my niche website and have been giving bootcamp serious thought. You’ve inspired me to go for it. I’ve been a bit nervous about it, I must admit, so be sure that I’ll be knocking on your door for help often.

    1. I’ll be happy to help any way I can. I have to admit that I’m a bit addicted to WA… Don’t have a lot of time to put into it, but I really enjoy the time that I do.

  6. Robin, I am a stay at home mom and manage to find the time to build my site. You’ve done a great job here of showing stay at home moms it is possible to earn online income in between all the mom things we do.

  7. Wonderful and informative! I think your explanation of WA hit the nail right on the head. I am a stay at home mom of two kids – 3 and 1 years old. I work on my website about 18-20 hours a week. It’s amazing what I have learned and accomplished in only 4 months. The best thing about this career opportunity is the flexible schedule. I work for 2 hours during nap time and then 1-2 hours in the evening after the kiddos have gone to bed. It’s great opportunity and I’m really glad I found WA.

    1. The flexibility is a great plus… in fact that was one of the main reasons I joined. I was searching for something online that I could do in any spare moment and WA allows that! Yes, it is a great opportunity. 🙂

  8. Fantastic information. Being a working-not-from-home Mom I’m always looking for opportunities that allow me to work from home. You’re review is so informative and doesn’t leave any questions unanswered. So many work-from-home businesses force you to pay for the information before you even know what you’re getting yourself into. Your post is very helpful. Thanks so much!

    1. I’m glad you liked it. The fact that you can start out for free and continue for free until you decide to go premium or stop is a great boon. One of the main reasons I joined was because I was able to see what I was getting into beforehand.

  9. Robin,
    I agree with you completely! I wish I had known about WA when I was an at-home-mom, because I certainly would have signed-up then! Even with having something to do every waking moment, it would have been easy for me to squeeze in the time necessary to start my business back then. As it is, hind-sight is 20/20 and after being back in the workforce for several years, I’ve finally taken the leap! And, WA is easy to squeeze into my current schedule, too. So, whether you work as an at-home-mom (and it IS work) or you work outside the home, you CAN start you’re own online business. And, after trying different programs myself, I can honestly say that Wealthy Affiliate is the BEST program out there! Thanks for a great review!

    1. I agree Beckie – squeezing WA into my schedule works because of the way all the lessons are broken down into little tasks. So even when I can’t complete a lesson (which I rarely do at a single stretch), I can at least do a task. This really helps you know that you are getting somewhere even when you just do a little at a time!
      I’m glad you liked the review.

  10. Robin,
    I am new to WA however I can tell you that I agree with you and it is a great place to learn. I had a website hosted by someone else and I really didn’t have control of the content, I moved it to WA and now I can put exactly what I want on it. That is great.

    1. Yes Brenda, having complete control over your content is a great plus – and to have the option of working on it when you want and where you want is really great too!


  11. Hey Robin, I have found a wealth of knowledge at WA. It has taken me to where I need to be in building my website. I have become addicted to the interaction between the members of WA. So much to learn and so much support. Without WA I wouldn’t be where I am today.


    1. Hi Lindsey,
      There is definitely a wealth of knowledge at WA. When I first joined it was a bit intimidating! But the training has continued to evolve and improve, and I think it is much easier now not to get that information overload if you just stick to the courses when you are just getting started. The training + the support at WA = easy learning!


  12. Well done here Robin, I think you covered every angle of W.A. that I can think of. You are so right about everything that is offered, even at the free ‘Starter’ level. My first website was up and running long before I went from Starter to Premium.

    My only real challenge starting out was that I had no previous knowledge of any of this website stuff and it took a while for me to realize all of the help that I had available. Once I did get familiar with ‘Live Chat’ and how to use the ‘Search’ function, it all took off nicely for me.

    The free Starter option is absolutely awesome. Literally, there is nothing available on the internet that can compare. Great review, Robin!!!


    1. Thanks Randy. 🙂
      I also really like the fact that the free starter level is available for as long as you want. It takes the pressure off – when I first joined it was only free for 7 days and I wasn’t in a position to go premium right away. But Kyle did arrange to have the website I had started at that time remain ‘alive’ until I was able to go premium. I was quite impressed by that.


  13. I totally agree that Wealthy Affiliate is something you can do in your spare time being a stay at home mom myself. I often work on it at different moments throughout the day, when I have some spare time. It’s amazing what you can achieve in these short bursts of concentration and focus 😉
    Greetings, Sandra

    1. It is amazing, Sandra! And that there is a place like Wealthy Affiliate that lets us take advantage of those short bursts… Very convenient. 🙂


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