What exactly is a Pinterest VA? An Interview with Kristin Larsen — 2 Comments

  1. This is the first that I have heard about Pinterest VA. What an interesting way to make money.
    What is the cost of the course and are there upsells or is it one and done?
    How long does it take after completing the course to get clients? And how difficult is it to get clients?

    • Presently the course is $299 (or 2 installments of $159), Ed. There are no upsells. In fact, you have access to the course for life. So once you buy it, you have access to all the updates and new material they add to the course. They do increase the cost of the course sometimes, but once you’ve bought it, you have life-time access at no further cost.

      Some of the graduates I’ve communicated with have gotten clients within days and for others it takes longer. How difficult it is, is relative I guess and just depends on the work you put into it. There are so many entrepreneurs who want to increase traffic to their sites – you just have to go catch them!

      Hope that helps!


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